My old wallet was from the end of January. It had some repairs but today I finally made a new one. Gonna use it a couple of days and let it wear a bit before putting stickers and tape on it.

We got new phones for work. The S10 isn't as bad as I imagined, but Samsung feels like a lot to get used to. 🀷

I want to get new glasses but the ones I want are really expensive and I got new ones not too long ago anyway. Not sure how this one's gonna end.

I'm listening to the author later today, glad I managed to get a book before they sold out. Hope they're good, since I already payed ;) ..

Just saw Google bought Fitbit. The problem with Google's products isn't that they are bad, it's that I can never trust them to stick around.

I'm in a different town on a conference with people I half know. And as I want to tell them something I now realize that we do not have a group chat. I've been so used to group chats on this type of thing and now there just isn't one. I feel like they are likely to suggest Facebook if I asked about it though, so I probably won't.

Travel prep. I feel like I'm ready but know I'm 50/50 on remembering something last minute and switching bags. Which will have me rethinking the over all packing and end with me bringing twice as much as I need.

Kind of pissed at the Fitbit app now. It said it needs location permissions to sync (I couldn't say why) so I let it. And when I later revoked the permission it wouldn't let me in the app. So I let it keep the permission. But this morning Android tells me it got my location in the background. Even though it said it was just for BT stuff. I now set it to permit access when the app is open (which bypasses their check and lets me use the app), I'm gonna see if it still syncs in the background.

I just got a Fitbit and can see this will be a problem because my phone battery just went from "maybe I'll skip the next generation phone if it sucks" to "oh fuck I need a new phone, like now". I'm really hoping it evens out in a couple of days when I stop testing this thing and just let it do what it wants with syncing.

Got engaged (about two weeks ago). Ordered rings the other day. Just saying.

I've had a couple of npd's in the last couple of weeks. Most recently this that came today. Surprisingly nice in the hand for such a tiny pen.

My spam lately has been about diabetes and knee pain. Is this an age thing?

And she's up. I think I got about five minutes.

Got to get up before the kid today. I think that has happened maybe once in the last year.

Android 10 downloading. The only big differences I can think of are dark mode and some privacy settings. I feel out of touch with the tech-news lately. Not sure if that's good or bad.

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Hot Take:

Most internet culture (memes, video game mods, "pirating", etc) is a great example of a "Gift Economy" where people contribute to the culture simply because they want to.

People work really hard for no direct gain. Hours of work, for free and little credit.

I finished the ink swatches the other day. These are my bottles.

Spent the entire evening last night swabbing my inks. It's all very photogenic and pretty but I didn't even take one pic. I did learn I have more ink than I thought though. Maybe I'll take a picture when they are all done, I still have the Iroshizuku inks left.

Related: I've held off on getting an account on Patreon for so long. Because how do I decide who gets support and who does not. With everyone asking for money, how am I supposed to know who needs it the most? Maybe I'll just look at who has nice rewards 🀷

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