Android 10 downloading. The only big differences I can think of are dark mode and some privacy settings. I feel out of touch with the tech-news lately. Not sure if that's good or bad.

@SlowRain the Pixle? It's great. Android 10? It's nice so far, I like the over all design changes. New features will take a few days to try out.

Yeah, I meant the Pixel. I hate large phones, & the Pixel is one that's a reasonable size yet doesn't skimp on the specs. I always like to keep abreast of current phone offerings in case something happens to mine.

@SlowRain :) I like that it stays up to date with software. I used to have a Nexus phone before and liked the balance of price to performance. The Pixels feel like they a bit better but a lot more expensive. I still like it though, it's a solid build. Hoping to skip every other year, and thus get the one that comes this fall.

My wife had a Nexus 5X, which I loved using, but it wasn't well built. Perhaps the Pixel 3A is more for me, because I'm not thrilled with the regular pricing either. But I'm also expecting 4-5 years out of a phone.

Do you know who's going to manufacturer the Pixel 4 for them?

@SlowRain I don't unfortunately. I know very little about it.

. @habmala I got that too today, I'm trying yo wrap my head around getting the new gestures to work with my .. The "swipe up for home" takes me to the pixel launcher and refuses to ask about it.. If is open it flat out refuses to work 🤔

Having a bit of a headache with it right now..

@openess Ouch. Mine is restarting right now. Should have let you figure it out first ;)

@openess I tried to force it by setting Nova as my default home app but now gesture navigation is unavailable 🤦‍♀️ . I guess I'll stick to 2-button 🤷

@habmala I've decided to at least give the new gestures a try. Who knows pixel launcher might have become decent 🤷‍♀️

I'll try to make it a week. But will at least keep it over the weekend, if I hate it or not..

@openess i figure I'm likely to do the same later. I tried it and found it counterintuitive to paus for previous apps, I use that a lot and it didn't feel fluid. So I opted out for now while I was actually trying to get stuff done.

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