I just got a Fitbit and can see this will be a problem because my phone battery just went from "maybe I'll skip the next generation phone if it sucks" to "oh fuck I need a new phone, like now". I'm really hoping it evens out in a couple of days when I stop testing this thing and just let it do what it wants with syncing.

@habmala ooh.. that's not looking too good for me. I'm gonna need something new this season anyway, but maybe sooner than expected 🤔

@openess I've had the suspicion for a while now that your BT usage might be the reason your battery is worse than mine. Might just be me catching up, you might be fine since your usage was already higher. But I don't know.

Is the phone running OK otherwise? How easy is it to get your battery replaced?

@SlowRain it's ok but not great. Battery would be doable but not easily. I'll consider it if I can't find a new model I'd accept to try, but I'm not looking forward to it :/ . I hate it when the entire phone is held together with glue.

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