Kind of pissed at the Fitbit app now. It said it needs location permissions to sync (I couldn't say why) so I let it. And when I later revoked the permission it wouldn't let me in the app. So I let it keep the permission. But this morning Android tells me it got my location in the background. Even though it said it was just for BT stuff. I now set it to permit access when the app is open (which bypasses their check and lets me use the app), I'm gonna see if it still syncs in the background.

@habmala My guess is the app tried to connect to the tracker via BTLE, and BTLE requires location to be turned on because it could be used for location tracking the same way wifi can. It doesn't have to be a GPS-call but android doesn't make a difference in permissions.

@openess seems reasonable. They specifically mention BTLE. Seems to be syncing in the background without it though. I'll give it the day and see how it works. Will probably cave and give the permission back though if it needs it.

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