It sucks to have to set up a new phone. I love that I have a new phone to pay with and it feels really nice, I just don't like having to fix everything.

@habmala I used to get excited about setting up a new phone, but I don’t anymore. It can be a real chore.

I sent mine away to have the battery replaced, so I'm using a freebie we had lying around. I'm finding out less is more with regards to apps. The settings, however, can be a pain. But fewer apps means fewer settings to monkey around with.

@SlowRain yeah, I don't really like any of the big phones this generation. I finally landed on the pixel for the long term software support, but don't like having the face unlock instead of fingerprint. I seriously considered getting a feature phone instead. What I finally caved for was my podcast app. But in general less apps seem like a good idea.

I miss my 4" HTC Incredible S. It was small & had a removable battery. Best phone I've ever had (not that I've had all that many). I'd kill for another phone like that.

@SlowRain @habmala I settled with changing the battery on my Pixel 2 instead of getting a 4.
So far, so good. I am still sad that support for my phone will stop in October this year though. I know it is 3 years after they released it, but it is still less than 3 years after I got the phone :(

@LN @habmala
Good job! Mine's getting a battery change, too, after ~3 years.

These phones can last at least 5 years if they're made by a good manufacturer. I think it's irresponsible of El Goog & the other manufacturers to only give 2 or 3 years of security updates.


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