New pen day yesterday πŸ™‚ got this Custom 823 used for great price and it writes like dream.

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@SlowRain yes. I've had it for a couple of years now. Great for keeping things together, notes and calendar and other bits and pieces πŸ‘

Do you have any favorite inserts? (Or have I already asked you this question?)

@SlowRain yeah I keep coming back to their weekly + memo for my calendar. I also keep trying others but that's the one that just won't go away. And their nr. 13 with thinner paper is what I use for random notes. I've also made a few custom inserts over the years but nothing big or fancy ;) .

I believe their no. 13 insert is Tomoe River paper.

I'm just using their no. 25 insert because it's the only cream-colored one they have.

I really like Midori's paper.

@SlowRain I also don't really like s bright while paper. I also know traveler's recently started with dot grid, next time I need to restock I'll probably look in to that.

I've also read that it's Tomoe river, but I don't think it is. Jetpens lists it as such and it's thin like that but doesn't feel really the same. I also haven't seen anyone else saying that it is.

It's possible they've changed. I think the refill used to be referred to with Traveler's own internal numbering system using the letters "TR".

@SlowRain hmm... Maybe it is then. I don't know πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ either way I like the paper.

I've never used their 52gsm paper. People seem to like it better. I've only used their 68gsm.

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