Kind of disappointed in my favourite permanent black. I've never had issues before but in the last two weeks it's clogged up two pens. Just completely refusing to flow.

@SlowRain Platinum carbon black. Not sure what I did different this time 🤷‍♀️ .

Have the pens been cleaned recently? Are you getting close to the bottom of the bottle?

I was given a free bottle of that when I bought my Diplomat Aero, but I haven't used it yet because I have a 90ml bottle of Noodler's Heart of Darkness to use. I have 2 pigmented inks, & I'm very careful to use them every other day at the least.

@SlowRain Yeah, the pens were well cared for. The bottle was used before, but not a lot and one of the pens was from a cartridge. I've usually not had to be so careful with the ink. I've left it for weeks with no more than a bit of a hard start. It's definitely more sensitive than non pigmented inks, but it's never been to bad. now though, it just wouldn't even start. I don't think it even got in to the feed.

@habmala @SlowRain I've also never had an issue with this ink. My first thought was a contaminated bottle but that doesn't seem very likely if it's all well cared for. I also leave this ink in pens for about a week some times and never have issues with it. Bad batch? Bad seal on the cap?

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