I just saw an ad for play pass on the play store. I'm not keeping up with the trends like I used to, but have entirely missed if this was there before. Signed up for the trial, seems nice.

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@habmala We've had it for a while. I've played some games I wouldn't have if I didn't have play pass (monument valley 👍).. But the main benefit is it keeps ads out of games for Ebba. Not too many apps that aren't games but let me know if you find anything good 🙂

@openess I saw it on a widget pack I didn't install. I'm setting up Nova again and getting a fresh look.

@habmala Oh, I could use a fresh look. Haven't used nova since android 10 launched. Maybe it's time to look in to it again.. Did google get the whole gestures thing sorted for 3:rd party launchers yet?

@openess I had the same experience. I saw someone mention that Nova was one of the launchers that got the new gestures best so I tried it and it seems to work based on switching a couple of hours ago. I'll need to adjust to some of the sensitivity with swipe up for home. But it works great and I can probably find. asserting if I look hard enough.

@habmala So many features I've missed for so long and just traded for gesture control. Nova really feels like home. It'll take a day or so to make sure there isn't some other system integration feature I'm missing from not using a pre-installed launcher. Doubt it though..

@openess I've found some games I've played before, some on Android others on different platforms. I could name a few if your looking for games but I also found KWGT. It took me a while to figure out but my age-widget is the cleanest it's ever been. And I only just did the simplest possible one.

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