Trying something new. I'm reading Dune for the first time and thought I might add some commentary.

After the first chapter I feel like the author made a bit of a mess by dumping too many names on the reader, but then they cleaned up with an intriguing story at the end. Looking forward to the next chapter.

After chapter 2 I feel like they have set the scene. I still don't know why Jessica is so important. Her name really stands out, but it feels like it's gonna be about the kids.

#Reading #Dune chapter 3 

I can't shake the feeling that all of these characters will have very minor roles in the plot of the book. Also feels a bit like chosen one meets Ninefox Gambit. Something about the style of writing I think, and the thing with multiple houses running various parts of society and not trusting each other. But I guess Dune came first by a long shot.

chapter 4. It's a bit of an easy read. I think I like it except maybe trying to keep all the names straight in my head.


chapter 5+6. This is becoming one of those books that are hard to stop reading.

chapter 7 + 8. I keep hoping to read more about the Fremen. The one character we know is a bad guy is the only one who has expressed any consideration for them with the palm trees. I'm hoping the kid will get in that cave with one of them soon, so I can learn more of their struggle for water and with the ruling class.

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