Yesterday and today my phone has been eating battery like crazy. No real reason, no app taking more than a few % and it's warm but not crazy hot. I was really hoping to skip this cycle.

The Pixel 5 has been getting good reviews so I have definitely considered getting it before. But I decided I wouldn't. I'm hoping the next one isn't terrible. I'm hoping I won't have to get the 5.

@habmala I had to bite that bullet. Went from Pixel 2 to 5. I do not hate my 5 :)

@LN I went from 2 to 4 and while I've been generally happy I do miss some features for example the fingerprint reader. Which is back in the 5 🤔.

@habmala @LN Oh, wait.. You dont have fingerprint 🤔 I wouldn't want to be without that..

@openess @LN it has face recognition to unlock. It works, but isn't integrated in any apps and sometimes unlocks when I don't want it to. Never seen it unlock for any one else but for example if my 1yo has the phone and is randomly clicking the lock screen she can suddenly be randomly clicking the home screen because I got too close.

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