This is gonna be today's picture I think. We just had ice-cream in the garden (or is it maybe a yard 🤷‍♀️ ).

@skalman yeah, feels weird. We had snow the other week but set a record for February today. We went from -14 to +16 in a couple of days it feels like (but it was probably a couple of weeks in reality).

@habmala Wow. Where do you live? In Umeå, we haven't had this much snow for 30 years.

@skalman I'm in Kalmar. We had a record yesterday, temperature has never been recorded that high in February before.

@habmala lovely! Is it a crocus? I didn’t think they came in yellow.

@edebill I think it is, I'm not big on flowers but was told it was a crocus. Had to look it up when you questioned me ;) but there seem to be all sorts of colours, including yellow.

@habmala Oh, nice! I've only seen white/pink/purple hues, bu those leaves and the flower shape all look right. Maybe I need to look for some yellow/gold ones to complement the purple ones in my yard :)

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