We saw episode two and three of Downton abbey tonight. The way they are racing through plot points I have no idea how they've made six seasons of this.

@habmala There's so much happening. Always. I'm a bit surprised too. A lot of what I remember happening later has already happened. to be fair, there aren't that many episodes per season.

Looking forward to four tomorrow.

@openess Yeah. And also, there isn't really a million things happening within every plot line. There are just so many different threads at the same time. Compared to something like The crown where there's usually a problem posed in the opening scenes and solved by the end credits Downton abbey just feels more packed. I'm not sure what an analysis would say if we were comparing seasons instead of episodes. 🤷‍♀️

Anyway also looking forward to ep4, not sure when we'll watch it, but maybe tomorrow.

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