I've had a couple of npd's in the last couple of weeks. Most recently this that came today. Surprisingly nice in the hand for such a tiny pen.

I finished the ink swatches the other day. These are my bottles.

Did some cleaning today. Probably half will be re-inked the rest will get to take a break for now. I just have to figure out which ones and what inks to use.

New pen day :)Got a (used) Double helix from Additive Pens. It has a fun EF architect and really wet flow.

This was today's carry. I used to hate the colour of this case but the practicality of it has made it grow on me. I've accepted the colours now.

After some cleaning last night, and only one refill. This is where it stands today.

That sailor is an almost green turquoise in person but came out blue in the photo.

I spilled the sample. Getting some ink to some new users in the last couple of weeks.

Found this while fixing my keyboard, none of the keys are missing a light tho.

Me from like two years ago (I presume): Hmm, where did that LED go?

Tonight I finished this card board box. I made some big mistakes but have a solid base construction I think. I'm mostly ok with the results, the worst of my crimes are hidden. The rest of it I'll say was on purpose. Sized to hold 3x5 index cards.

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