I saw a little bag on a shelf in the office, so I looked inside and found this great little stamp of a bee. Never used before but looks awesome.

I got the camera out because there were a lot of bugs close by. I got this close up of an ant that turned out nicely. I had a cool one of a spider as well, but the focus was ever so slightly off.

Last one. A small bird with its beak full of little caterpillars. Again, that's a great telephoto zoom lens.

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I got really close to this caterpillar without being close. Great use o a zoom lens.

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Got this picture of what I assume is basically a rainbow today at work.

Bee in a flower. 🐝 

Here's one of the images of a bee from a few days ago.

Cherry blossoms in . Also first time realizing I can use the phone to make a gif almost automatically.

We've technically had spring for a while now, but the last two days have really felt like it.

Trying to plan out my next week and found this doodle from early this week. Akkerman 22 Hopjesbruin in my 823. Love how wet that pen is.

Took advantage of some great weather today. The family went to a semi-local park/forest. We found a nice spot to have some coffee and a snack.

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