Trying to plan out my next week and found this doodle from early this week. Akkerman 22 Hopjesbruin in my 823. Love how wet that pen is.

Kind of disappointed in my favourite permanent black. I've never had issues before but in the last two weeks it's clogged up two pens. Just completely refusing to flow.

I finished the ink swatches the other day. These are my bottles.

Spent the entire evening last night swabbing my inks. It's all very photogenic and pretty but I didn't even take one pic. I did learn I have more ink than I thought though. Maybe I'll take a picture when they are all done, I still have the Iroshizuku inks left.

Did some cleaning today. Probably half will be re-inked the rest will get to take a break for now. I just have to figure out which ones and what inks to use.

New pen day :)Got a (used) Double helix from Additive Pens. It has a fun EF architect and really wet flow.

I had a package coming yesterday but it didn't show up. It's at the post office now tho. It's a Double helix from Additive pens and a new fun nib. Looking forward to picking it up later in the afternoon.

That sailor is an almost green turquoise in person but came out blue in the photo.

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