This was today's carry. I used to hate the colour of this case but the practicality of it has made it grow on me. I've accepted the colours now.

After some cleaning last night, and only one refill. This is where it stands today.

That sailor is an almost green turquoise in person but came out blue in the photo.

Tonight I finished this card board box. I made some big mistakes but have a solid base construction I think. I'm mostly ok with the results, the worst of my crimes are hidden. The rest of it I'll say was on purpose. Sized to hold 3x5 index cards. is a bit of a play on words lost in translation. Hosted by two nerds from sweden but most posts are in english on here. We're a small instance with an active federated timeline. We'd love to have you on, but you should expect us to say hi, and to ask who you are 😉 The server is very active, but small.