@LN I keep hoping my Pixel 2 will never break though it feels like it might any day now. Nothing easily available in Sweden that I feel can replace it.

@cosullivan It's the little things I really like. For example when I press a word I get a dictionary definition (custom dictionaries supposed to be possible but I haven't tried). But I can also choose to search for the word in the book on Wikipedia or on Google.

@cosullivan Fonts are easy to add, I find the default selection is ok for me, but I tried it using this guide and it works as advertised. The backlight has a blue/yellow(red) shift that I have set to adjust with sunset and sunrise, works great but can be set to manual. I like the brightness setting as well because it goes low enought that I can read in bed without waking the entire family.


@cosullivan if there is anything specific you want me to test and describe or take a picture of let me know.

@cosullivan I didn't really, but I watched and read a lot or reviews mostly. Some have complained of uneven backlight, but I don't see it while reading on mine and every forma will be different. I came from having used multiple readers from bookeen, and while they were great the switch was just a whole bunch of improvements in QOL. The dictionary, being able to see how many pages are left in a chapter and a lot of little things. I'm sure you're used to it from the Kindle though.

@cosullivan I only have good things to say about my forma. I love that the light can be turned down low enough to read in bed without waking the entire room. But I've had it less than a year so couldn't tell you about the battery, and my library doesn't do overdrive so... 🀷

@edebill I always thought the Duofold looked nice. But it never made the top of my list. Keeps hovering in the maybe some day section. What's your impression so far?

I'm late in updating but just got the latest Firefox yesterday and I love the new picture in picture mode.

I didn't announce it here but we got our second kid on the sixth. Today we all by some magic slept till eight. Not sure what happened, but not complaining 🀷 .

@deneb @openess that's the thing ;) pay or uninstall. Can you live with having payed for Subway surfers 🀷 it's up to you, I know I'd think twice though.

@openess when that comes up I always pay. I realize I'm probably dumb, and I likely (definitely) pay for way more apps that I use. But I just hate the ads. Instant uninstall or pay to evaluate. 🀷 I already payed my time once, that's what jobs are for.

Kid's not falling asleep for her nap and now it's too late. Gonna be a tired evening.

Hi, @Bo

As mentioned, welcome to the instance and feel free to reach out if we can help.

In the lead for now. Feels close tho.. 🀷 Bosk feels like a fun quick game.

About to try a Christmas present I got. Feels promising.

Listening to podcasts and playing Towerfall. I haven't played this game in really long. It's super nice.

@franciecashman@mastodon.social Well done! πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰

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