@openess seems reasonable. They specifically mention BTLE. Seems to be syncing in the background without it though. I'll give it the day and see how it works. Will probably cave and give the permission back though if it needs it.

@SlowRain it's ok but not great. Battery would be doable but not easily. I'll consider it if I can't find a new model I'd accept to try, but I'm not looking forward to it :/ . I hate it when the entire phone is held together with glue.

Kind of pissed at the Fitbit app now. It said it needs location permissions to sync (I couldn't say why) so I let it. And when I later revoked the permission it wouldn't let me in the app. So I let it keep the permission. But this morning Android tells me it got my location in the background. Even though it said it was just for BT stuff. I now set it to permit access when the app is open (which bypasses their check and lets me use the app), I'm gonna see if it still syncs in the background.

@openess I've had the suspicion for a while now that your BT usage might be the reason your battery is worse than mine. Might just be me catching up, you might be fine since your usage was already higher. But I don't know.

I just got a Fitbit and can see this will be a problem because my phone battery just went from "maybe I'll skip the next generation phone if it sucks" to "oh fuck I need a new phone, like now". I'm really hoping it evens out in a couple of days when I stop testing this thing and just let it do what it wants with syncing.

@openess :) the spendy kind, they are all the spendy kind ;) . It a custom order, so it will take a couple of weeks but probably be nice when it's done.

Got engaged (about two weeks ago). Ordered rings the other day. Just saying.

@SlowRain It's a Pocket 6 from Schondsgn. I've had it in my pocket all day and taken quick notes. Really light and surprisingly comfortable.

I've had a couple of npd's in the last couple of weeks. Most recently this that came today. Surprisingly nice in the hand for such a tiny pen.

My spam lately has been about diabetes and knee pain. Is this an age thing?

And she's up. I think I got about five minutes.

Got to get up before the kid today. I think that has happened maybe once in the last year.

@SlowRain I don't unfortunately. I know very little about it.

@SlowRain :) I like that it stays up to date with software. I used to have a Nexus phone before and liked the balance of price to performance. The Pixels feel like they a bit better but a lot more expensive. I still like it though, it's a solid build. Hoping to skip every other year, and thus get the one that comes this fall.

@SlowRain the Pixle? It's great. Android 10? It's nice so far, I like the over all design changes. New features will take a few days to try out.

@openess i figure I'm likely to do the same later. I tried it and found it counterintuitive to paus for previous apps, I use that a lot and it didn't feel fluid. So I opted out for now while I was actually trying to get stuff done.

@openess I tried to force it by setting Nova as my default home app but now gesture navigation is unavailable πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ . I guess I'll stick to 2-button 🀷

@openess Ouch. Mine is restarting right now. Should have let you figure it out first ;)

Android 10 downloading. The only big differences I can think of are dark mode and some privacy settings. I feel out of touch with the tech-news lately. Not sure if that's good or bad.

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