Why does Traveler's Company come out with a dot grid refill like a week after I got 10 of their square refills? Ughh!

Ordered pizza.
Forgot to tell them not to put mushrooms on it.
Ate leftovers from last night.

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The pressure from your friends trying to get you to play nintendo games is exactly one bario

@openess Hmm.. I know someone who might be able to push you down the rabbit hole πŸ˜‰

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Oh.. Gosh darn..

I tried a fountain pen a few days ago and now I've been watching fountain pen videos all weekend..

they really are beautiful little tools. But so are ballpoints 🀷

@em I've never seen this series, but I like how the other character has just given up.

I saw someone and thought "oh, why am I not following them" so I clicked follow and now I'm concerned because it said follow requested and what if I already requested and got denied but forgot. -_-Β°

@selea ok. But why does it seem like everyone is like two thirds my age? People my age also quit Facebook.

Found this while fixing my keyboard, none of the keys are missing a light tho.

Me from like two years ago (I presume): Hmm, where did that LED go?

@evan ok, so I did. Now what? (I never understood what the social aspect of Spotify was supposed to be).

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Reminder that under communism, you have to be interesting.

@garfiald @adoxographer Then any commentary can only come after the experience and not in the moment. I think this makes art entertainment more that social commentary, not saying one is always better than the other, but I'm not sure entertainment deserves to be the default.

@garfiald @adoxographer I Read Garf's thread and kept thinking just what you said Max. Breaking the story's internal logic or structure breaks the immersion which is what makes it feel less well made (trying to avoid bad). I also think this says something far more interesting about what type of society we have built where art is made to be its own universe and avoid making you ask questions.

Also I got back on goodreads today. I haven't updated that for years but added what I read this year at least. What I can remember.

I feel like I should read a book, I also know I should be going to sleep.

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