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It's one of those nights again. My eyes are tied but my mind is in a pod race on Tatooine.

On the plus side I was forced to clear up a lot of space both in /home and on some other parts. I've been putting that off for a while.

I spent all evening trying to get ADE to work so I can get books. After much struggle I got it up and running but when I got the book it didn't have DRM. Never even thought that was possible from the store I got it at. Nice though, even if I would have been happier reading the last couple of hours that trying to get shitty software I don't want to have to use.

I'm not sure I want to put the extent to which I dislike Adobe in to words on the internet.

I slept eight hours last night. I don't think I've done that for something like a year. I feel weirdly rested.

I was gonna go to bed early. It's now the next day -_-' . At least it's not half past one in the morning.

I think my chromecast just updated it's standby interface. It's new and therefore ugly. Also: I don't like when things update automatically.

Kid's asleep. I'm eating breakfast. Half past noon feels like a great time for breakfast.

I just got my bag and found the conductive thread I bought. I was gonna make my new gloves in to touch gloves tonight. But I totally forgot and instead spent the night setting this new instance up.

About half a years backlog is gone now πŸ˜• . But I feel better knowing that moving forward a new instance is probably better than .social.

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In a decentralised social media it makes sense to host yourself. That's what we decided to do. This instance is run by two nerds, mostly for the why not of it. Feel free to join, and we'll hit you up with an "Hi, who are you?".