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Spent the entire evening last night swabbing my inks. It's all very photogenic and pretty but I didn't even take one pic. I did learn I have more ink than I thought though. Maybe I'll take a picture when they are all done, I still have the Iroshizuku inks left.

Related: I've held off on getting an account on Patreon for so long. Because how do I decide who gets support and who does not. With everyone asking for money, how am I supposed to know who needs it the most? Maybe I'll just look at who has nice rewards 🀷

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I'm considering something. I figure if I stop paying for premium on for example Reddit and Youtube I can spend that money on podcasts on Patreon. Truth is I don't use Reddit that much and Google surly doesn't need my money. Maybe the few ads that will get through my blockers will even help me stop wasting my time there. Not sure where this is going, just a thought so far.

Got my new e-reader today. I've only just loaded some books on it and read a couple of minutes. But this really feels like an improvement over my old one. I'm kind of excited.

I've been looking at this new ebook reader for the last couple of weeks. Today I surprised myself and finally ordered it, my old one works but is annoying in so many little ways. Now my question is: why is it that everyone I order something online, every time, it always friday evening. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

Doing some political work tonight. First time in a while. Feels nice to be getting back to normal after the summer. Even if it's mostly prep for normal coming in a few weeks.

Did some cleaning today. Probably half will be re-inked the rest will get to take a break for now. I just have to figure out which ones and what inks to use.

Sigh. seems sold out at all the local stores. I might just buy it on the e-store instead. Wanted to play tonight. 🀷

I'm angry with the kids preschool and she hasn't even started yet. 🀦

New pen day :)Got a (used) Double helix from Additive Pens. It has a fun EF architect and really wet flow.

I had a package coming yesterday but it didn't show up. It's at the post office now tho. It's a Double helix from Additive pens and a new fun nib. Looking forward to picking it up later in the afternoon.

Today is the day my parental leave is up. I'm back to work! Also as a teacher I'm starting with summer vacation.

This was today's carry. I used to hate the colour of this case but the practicality of it has made it grow on me. I've accepted the colours now.

After some cleaning last night, and only one refill. This is where it stands today.

Just cleaned a bunch of fountain pens. I'm trying to have fewer inked at a time, but will realistically re-ink at least some of them in the coming days. 🀷

@LN happy to find more people. I like your Sailors.

That sailor is an almost green turquoise in person but came out blue in the photo.

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