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Sharing a flower from earlier today. In total it's about a centimeter across.

I think the trick is to not being all the lenses. That way it's not too cumbersome. And seems to usually work out okay anyways.

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This whole thing of bringing the camera when I go out had been great. Got some nice shots while playing with the kids this morning.

This is a notice to the users on We are cleaning out some unused accounts. If you made an account and haven't logged in since, or at all, your account will be deleted in one week. Log in or get in touch to keep your account.

Just realized has a dark theme on the web app now. Love it.

I've been bringing my camera more often in the last couple of days. Most of the pics from today were of the kids but here's one where the oldest one was out of frame. It's a goat behind a fence.

We've been rewatching The office. It's weird how well it holds up. It's older than I would have thought.

I've been playing about an hour of Lenna's inception. It's great so far. In the Itchio bundle. πŸ‘

Almost summer break. Kids had their last day today and I only have two days next week before vacation. I feel like my social media use usually picks up when classes end.

I'm so tired of my root partition being tiny. I'm seriously considering reinstalling everything and repartitioning. Not looking forward to it :/

I've gotten somewhere around 60 of these today. Kind of tiresome. And yes that is a password I used in my teens that hasn't been active in years.

Found a kite on second hand earlier today. Gonna go try it out with the kids.

Today I wasn't woken by a screaming baby at half past five. Feels nice.

I think I sorted out the colours. And figured out what most of the settings do. Now I need to decide if I can live with this green monstrosity I created or if I should set everything back to default or black or something. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

It's not perfect but I think I like Subway tooter. It has some weird defaults, but I think I've gotten it working in a way my head can make sense of. Just not 100% on the colours an what setting does what. But I think I can make this work.

I'm trying out subway tooter. Anyone know what setting I need to change to set a background colour for media attachments on toots?

I have this new thing I've been trying of not using my phone or computer too late in the evening. It's nice and sometimes frustrating.

I like that where I live there is a lot on nature in the city.

Covid-19 Death 

Conway died. I'm not sure how I feel about SMBC being the first I heard of it.

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