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It's a little later than i would have liked but I'm logged in to the new system. Only just tho, I'm still here as root and have no GUI so more work needs to be done. But as I recall that's the (kinda) quick part.

This is turning out to be more of a pain that I hoped for. Maybe if I get this running I can at least clean up the laptop by offloading some of the programs that only kind of work.

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I bought this new SSD this summer. Gonna try and get a system running on it in my old desktop so I can get images from my camera again. Laptop is too slow πŸ˜“ .

Three of four in the family are sick today. 4yo holding out so far..

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I don't usually write on Reddit but saw someone giving away a code for a picross game. They had gotten the game for the wrong region and couldn't use it. There are all kinds of problems with a system like that, but the up side is that I got the code and picross is a really nice chill game.

I'm just putting this out there while I remember (because of anyone asks me later, I'll never remember). I heard ina-ho is being discontinued, and my small bottle is almost empty. A large bottle would be a good Christmas present.

Just the youngest, for any relatives keeping track.

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I couldn't really find a good English word for krΓ€ksjuka. But kid's been sick since midnight :/ .

I've missed going to conferences. A full days meeting is looking to be a fun day.

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I'm at a conference (/big meeting). . I'm looking forward to a great day.

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lol a news site started just selling ads themselves instead of using targeted bullshit and made so much more money

Trying to plan out my next week and found this doodle from early this week. Akkerman 22 Hopjesbruin in my 823. Love how wet that pen is.

Going out before coffee today. Not sure about this.

I met a bunch of teachers starting a network of teachers in the party. That was nice. They apparently have a Facebook group, which I obviously can't join. But got my email so hopefully I'll be able to interact a bit at least.

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Almost home from a big conference weekend with the left party of Sweden. It's been an inspiring weekend, especially today. I'm not sure I'm really ready to get back to normal tomorrow.

We saw the old Alladin the other night, watching the new one now. They are not great.

I'm likely to place an order on pennonia, if anyone local would want to get in on some cool inks πŸ˜‰.

Kids have been waking up early all week. When are we gonna be rid of this stupid DST 😀

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