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I have a long gap between work and a meeting tonight and was gonna bring my 3ds to play some . But I left it at home, seems like this is a forget-your-stuff week.

I'm at a work meeting and going home right after. But my calendar, notebook and pens are across town at the office :/

🤔 that picture moved in my post preview but seems to be just one frame after I posted it. 🤷‍♀️ Maybe GIFs don't work as i expected here.

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Cherry blossoms in . Also first time realizing I can use the phone to make a gif almost automatically.

Today is cleaning day. It's also spring so I'm opening all the windows 🤷‍♀️

I started my computer tonight. Every time I do I realize how much I prefer it to just scrolling on the phone. It's great for typing, but also awesome for reading.

Ordlig (Swedish wordle) nr 89, 4/6


No yellows today. That's odd

I keep finding communities using discord but every time I open the app all I can see is a million pepe memes and I want to quit the whole thing.

Ordlig (Swedish wordle) WEEKEND nr 88, 3/6


Ordlig (Swedish wordle) WEEKEND nr 87, 4/6


Ordlig (Swedish wordle) nr 85, 2/6


Spent a lot of time not being able to think of anything matching the clues I had. But got lucky in the end.

Ordlig (Swedish wordle) nr 84, 4/6


Ordlig (Swedish wordle) nr 83, 6/6


This was weird.

Ordlig (Swedish wordle) WEEKEND nr 81, 3/6


I got lucky with the second one.

Ordlig (Swedish wordle) nr 79, 4/6


Kind of annoying third guess.

Ordlig (Swedish wordle) nr 78, 4/6


So close early on today, but it got tricky.

Ordlig (Swedish wordle) nr 77, 3/6


Ordlig (Swedish wordle) nr 76, 5/6


Ordlig (Swedish wordle) nr 75, 3/6


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