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Under a minute today nr 148, 3/6



Sat a good long while stuck at the second guess. nr 147, 4/6



Played late today. nr 146, 4/6


Ordlig nr 145, 4/6



Kändes knepig idag. WEEKEND nr 143, 3/6


Ordlig, do people still play these word games? nr 142, 3/6


The Swedish unions for teachers voted today to merge in to one new union. It's been crazy fighting over members. We are stronger together.

Had a great day in the sun today. Two nice bike rides, an almost full round of disk golf and some decent ice cream.

I took zero pictures.

Woke up at half past four again today. Because reasons. I do like waking up early, I'm just not sure how to use the time without waking everyone 🤔 .

Got this picture of what I assume is basically a rainbow today at work.

Went to bed too early last night. Was up at half past four today.

When I set up my old computer to use for photo- and camera stuff I purposefully didn't install a web browser or anything else not related to photos. I'm now starting to think I would kind o f like to have a real monitor for other stuff as well. 🤔

Bee in a flower. 🐝 

Here's one of the images of a bee from a few days ago.

Went to a local fair and it wasn't as terrible as it could have been. The kids jumped in two bouncy castles and then we went home.

I feel like I want to get a dedicated portable media player to be less reliant on my phone. But it also feels hard to justify that kind of money. 🤔

Shipping rant 

I ordered something last week. They gave me an order confirmation and then went silent for a week. Yesterday I get an email that they sent it but with the cheaper shipping option, even though I payed for the quick one and now the tracking has said it's registered since noon yesterday, so it moved nowhere all night.

Doesn't feel like great service :/ .

Suspended a few accounts today. If you want to sign up just to post a bio with links and then never log in this isn't the instance for you.

I was going through my camera saving images from the last few days to the computer. But my phone wouldn't read the memory card so you won't see the cool bee pictures I got. 🐝

I logged in to the mastodon app and noped right back out. I'm sticking with tusky for the foreseeable future.

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