Waiting for a package that is supposed to be delivered today but the tracking hasn't updated since it was dropped off two days ago πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ . It would be convenient if it came today πŸ€”

I'm home 'cus the kids are sick. (They're fine just can't go to out with runny noses). They are surprising me by playing on their own for most of the day so far. I've been able to both do the dishes and cook without any mayor issues. The youngest is getting older πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ .

I feel like I have a blog post idea, but I removed my blog since I hadn't posted since pre pandemic. πŸ€”

Finally found some time at work today to sit down with the union members. πŸ‘ Doing rep work.

I've spent way to much on pen stuff this weekend. I'm currently resisting another pen. It'll be a fun week in the mail anyways. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Took advantage of some great weather today. The family went to a semi-local park/forest. We found a nice spot to have some coffee and a snack.

I have a rare moment home alone. I picked some stuff up from the floor but then felt it was good enough and now I'm just watching pen streams and drinking coffee.

I'm impressed with the battery of the new watch. I'm not using all the features and I've not been really playing with it but I've gone from almost 50% to just over 20% from this morning till now when I'm home from work. That seems better than I expected.

My new watch doesn't register my bike commute as steps. So I have almost 3000 steps on my Fitbit but only 960 on the watch. 😀

Trying to clear some boxes. We moved over a year ago now so it feels like we should have managed by now. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Tried to watch the final episode of season one of Downton abbey tonight. But the youngest kept waking up and we had to give up. It's been long since that was common. We're about a third through, hopefully we can see the rest tomorrow.

I just inked up my vintage Esterbrook with a bright red ink and it's a real joy to write with. I wish I'd remember the model name, it's one of the ones that were dirt cheap back in the day and while small it's just great.

Lots of fixing around the house today. Some things that were long over due and some that were just nice to get out of the way. Time to be a teacher for a bit now tho and do some weekend work.

We saw episode two and three of Downton abbey tonight. The way they are racing through plot points I have no idea how they've made six seasons of this.

First episode felt alright, but damn there's a lot happening I one hour. Might do episode two tomorrow.

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I know next to nothing about Downton abbey. Watching the first episode now.

I worked two days this week and it feels weird. I was home with sick kids on Monday and home with a fever yesterday and today. I've been able to eat today at least so I'm hopeful that we might be back to normal on Monday.

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