It sucks to have to set up a new phone. I love that I have a new phone to pay with and it feels really nice, I just don't like having to fix everything.

I'm late in updating but just got the latest Firefox yesterday and I love the new picture in picture mode.

I didn't announce it here but we got our second kid on the sixth. Today we all by some magic slept till eight. Not sure what happened, but not complaining 🀷 .

Kid's not falling asleep for her nap and now it's too late. Gonna be a tired evening.

Hi, @Bo

As mentioned, welcome to the instance and feel free to reach out if we can help.

In the lead for now. Feels close tho.. 🀷 Bosk feels like a fun quick game.

About to try a Christmas present I got. Feels promising.

Listening to podcasts and playing Towerfall. I haven't played this game in really long. It's super nice.

I just ralised that my planner for next year starts one week (and a few hours) from now. Excited about not having to carry double.

I'm trying whalebird. It's different. 🀷

Looking for mastodon clients on desktop, I'm not finding any that seem better than using the regular web interface.

Got my good keyboard out today, feels great. Laptop keyboard has a couple of sticky keys. Not bad enough to take the whole thing apart, but annoying enough to not want to write more than a few lines of text.

My e-book reader just updated and so far I really like the new interface for reading. The new header and footer is great :)

My old wallet was from the end of January. It had some repairs but today I finally made a new one. Gonna use it a couple of days and let it wear a bit before putting stickers and tape on it.

We got new phones for work. The S10 isn't as bad as I imagined, but Samsung feels like a lot to get used to. 🀷

I want to get new glasses but the ones I want are really expensive and I got new ones not too long ago anyway. Not sure how this one's gonna end.

I'm listening to the author later today, glad I managed to get a book before they sold out. Hope they're good, since I already payed ;) ..

Just saw Google bought Fitbit. The problem with Google's products isn't that they are bad, it's that I can never trust them to stick around.

I'm in a different town on a conference with people I half know. And as I want to tell them something I now realize that we do not have a group chat. I've been so used to group chats on this type of thing and now there just isn't one. I feel like they are likely to suggest Facebook if I asked about it though, so I probably won't.

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