So I ordered the game last night and now I have to wait for it. Later on I'm gonna be happy to have a physical copy but right now I sort of just want to play the game. 😀

Animal crossing πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ yes or no? We haven't set up the switch since we moved but considering the 3DS version.

Made this yesterday. Since we have a house now I have a place to hang it.

Haven't done a mirror selfie in a really long time. But I got some new plugs in the mail today. Really like this new tunnel. Let's se how long untill the novelty wears of.

I found a cool bell for my new bike. I hope it will get here soon. A also hope it will fit my new bike, I ordered the small size πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

This is gonna be today's picture I think. We just had ice-cream in the garden (or is it maybe a yard πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ ).

Got the out and took some pictures of birds out the window.

TFW this happens over the weekend even though we always have a challenge that goes from Monday to Friday.

1yo just slept the whole night in her own bed. That's a first I think.

chapter 7 + 8. I keep hoping to read more about the Fremen. The one character we know is a bad guy is the only one who has expressed any consideration for them with the palm trees. I'm hoping the kid will get in that cave with one of them soon, so I can learn more of their struggle for water and with the ruling class.

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I am now very much between phones. I have like half my accounts set up on the new one so I think I will be doing double phones for a couple of days while I get everything up to speed.

Ordered a new phone πŸ˜• not what I had hoped to do, but I can't say I'm upset about getting a new one.

I think it's part of the system that's getting overly excited. I keep having to re-enter my pin for the phone as if it's restarted, but not for my SIM. I'm guessing some process that keeps track of the authentication starts eating battery and is restarted. That would fit with it not always being warm and draining the battery, but I don't know what triggers it several times a day.

I usually have over 50% when going to bed. Now I have 30% and it's half past two in the afternoon.

The Pixel 5 has been getting good reviews so I have definitely considered getting it before. But I decided I wouldn't. I'm hoping the next one isn't terrible. I'm hoping I won't have to get the 5.

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Yesterday and today my phone has been eating battery like crazy. No real reason, no app taking more than a few % and it's warm but not crazy hot. I was really hoping to skip this cycle.

Feels like spring today. Still 15 centimeters of snow outside but it was warm sitting inside by the sunny wondow eating grapes with the kids.

chapter 5+6. This is becoming one of those books that are hard to stop reading.

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chapter 4. It's a bit of an easy read. I think I like it except maybe trying to keep all the names straight in my head.

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