these looks so good! I'm looking forward to eating them later 🙂

Eye contact, almost.. 

Explaining Lucia to some one who has never heard of it..

I found the english wikipedia article decently long and well written. I don't remember it like this from last year. I'm sure you can all find it by yourselves. Or you'll just have to wait until friday 😉

Listening to some slow leftist christmas music while cleaning the appartment.

Just getting in that spirit 🌲 🧹

uhm.. I obviously meant home, not hone 🤷‍♀️

A winter morning on the second of . Not really enjoying the religious undertone of the hollidays. But I like candles 🕯🤷‍♀️

Having gotten used to android 10 gestures on my pixel it felt real strange going to 9 when I switched phones. Now I have them back and I feel instantly at home.

Now comes the work and hazzle of going through the entire menu looking for changes. Also, my keyboard feels just slighly off. I think it's bigger 🤔

Finally. I cleaned these out so long ago.

But to be fair I only use all my colours in certain situations. I mostly use a few pens and the reason I filled all of them up now is that my regulars were running low.

Today I'm 11111 days old. This will not go by unnoticed. 🙋‍♀️

Julkalendern 🙂👍

Men varning för spoilers om ni ska se extramaterialet med syntolkningen. De beskriver karaktärerna och alla karaktärer är såklart inte introducerade än 🤦‍♀️

I remember tooting a pic from this same place but with all the trees green earlier this year. I still think this is a great part of my commute.

We've finally had some snow. I was genuinely excited when I found my bike like this today 🙂🌨

me in a conversation with a random person online: Every day is a good day to take care of your online security ^^

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