I got a today. It's always fun getting paper 🙂

Also, it's strange that letter writing is rare enough to warrant a social media post 🤔

This pigeon just chillin' in the rain while we sit indoors with cosy candles.

We were gonna go on short bike ride today. Then it started raining and the bike ride might have been ok anyway but not for the 7yo.

A quick mid day upload. This will probably be pic of the day. Looking forward to seeing more of todays pics on a bigger display when we get home 📷

We had great weather yesterday and stopped on our way home from school/work. Just taking a break and enjoying the sun.

Going to a "local" bird observatory today 🙂 Gonna bring a camera and see what happens. Maybe nothing 🤷‍♀️

Getting up and feeling well rested at 4.30 has surprisingly much to do with the time you (I) get to bed the night before. 🌇🌅

The weekend was full of rain but this monday morning is sunny and looks amazing through the window. Let's see what it feels like when I get out into it 🌤☀️

I had a bunch of mash over from the cheesecake. In the recipie the kernels are removed and turns into a kind of mash paste.

Putting that in the soup/stew we made for dinner was a great idea. People don't put in often enough 🙂


trying what posting is like from subway tooter. This is the I just made.

While staying in this morning we built a boat for some lip balm. You know, in case it doesn't stop raining 😉

We were gonna go to the store this morning, but it was raining too much for us to bring everything we needed to bring so we waited.

Now it stopped raining but we're all cought up in other stuff so it'll have to be "later". 🤷‍♀️

It felt amazingly nice to be outside today. But after having sat on my couch for a week I can feel even the short bike ride I took to work and back in my legs right now. Sleep will be good.

I found some birds at work, and a flower 🙂

This has been such a get-stuff-done-day. I'm exhausted.. Maybe I'm not all up to spec yet.. Maybe tomorrow.

But I fixed my kids bike (flat tires just seem to happen from time to time). Installed a bike computer too. Had it laying around.

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