Today I've been tearing down a dresser just so I can fit it i a car.. Hard work for something I'm not even gonna keep. But now I'm gonna have something cold to drink and get ready for todays meeting 😀

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Any fountain pen aficionados that can help me identify this and maybe find an ink cartridge that'll fit? It was my grandfather's and it's laid on my desk for months waiting for me to find one. I miss writing with it 😢

It's a Sheaffer pen with a hooded nib. There are tiny letter along the bottom of the cap that say:

It originally had a bladder cartridge but it was so old that the sac started leaking on my shirt shortly after he left it to me.

I would *like* a converter but something else is alright too.

Playing videogames to stay awake while waiting for a call from someone who gets off work in about an hour 🙂

Getting up at seven feeling like I've slept in (because I've been up at five all week). Getting stuff done and then planning for some more stuff.

Is this that famous life all you kids keep mentioning?

Toot in :

Ser fram emot en heldag med tjänstemän och personal i serviceförvaltningen i . Förra gången var det produktion, fastighet och transport. Nu är det support (städ, kost osv). Spännande, roligt och viktigt som fritidspolitiker att få en inblick i verksamheterna.

I got some new pens, notepads and inks today 🙂 I now have five lama safari fountains each with a different ink 👍

Inks not featured.

Nothing is like waiting for someone to call who said they would call 15 minutes ago..

Tonight we've practiced our reading by playing café in the kitchen. (ok, mostly Ebbas reading)

Lots of firsts today. I've sewn a piece of clothing that is not for me. I've sewn a zipper. I've made a one day project that I can't wait to wear outside. I've sewn more than one project in a day and I've learned that a simpler instruction doesn't help much if the fabric is a mess to work with.

I'll take this as the good thing to come from my kid having a fever and me having to stay home from work 🤷

I just finished Ebbas new skirt. She had two criteria for it. one was she wanted to pick the fabric and the other she wanted pockets. I've managed both. I think this is the first time I've sewn a piece of clothing not for myself..

pics later, when she feels like it, maybe 🤷

Just washed some new , gonna make some new .

Don't know any common tags for fabric crafters 🤷

It's been an eventful day at work, it ended with what can be correctly described as "an event".. But we had a good time so I guess it was okay.

Ouf, when you decide you can sleep a bit later and set your alarm for 8.00 but instead wake up at 6.45.

I guess today is just one of those days 🤷

We've had a few colder days this week but looking out the window it still looks like summer. Trees are blooming and some have even lost their flowers and are in full summer mode with just leaves.

wish I could go out and get some good pics but I'm doing laundry 🤷

Today we got that snow I was so glad not to have a few days ago.. It was well mixed with rain and was over really fast. All in all it wasn't too bad.

Today we've celebrated the first of may with the swedish left party. We were a few hundred people in the demonstration in our small city and the speakers talked about topics such as and the . Topics that are tied close together.

I have to few skirts. I have two or three I like and some more I use if I have to. But having clothes that you really like is an important part of feeling comfortable. Maybe that's a thing worth getting..

Maybe don't drink this, because it's ink. But it looks like it'd taste great, sadly moss green on paper. This is really dilutet.

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