Tonight I'm in a mood. But I've got some more reading to do first..

A shipment I'm waiting for just got moved from the 29:th to the 25:th.. I should be exited, but now that I know it -can- move, I'm just hoping for sooner again 😂

I just added a markdown extension to my favourite note taking app. I'm so happy now

and a fourth time.. Came back without a hard reset this time.. But after a lot of tweaking and closing/opening the lid :/

Almost all of my data transfer is over network nowadays. It is 2019 after all. But being the friend of redundancy that I am I actually got, for the first time in years and years, a new USB stick today.

The weird kind that still accepts the old standard, we will laugh at this in a few years, but right now it's pretty sweet.

The screen on my computer gave out again. This is the third time in a week. Hard resets are no fun!

The graphic on my old was pretty worn out. And this thing is the best gadget I've ever gotten for another gadget. So I decided to paint it one of my favourite colours.. The same as my table!

Sadly didn't think to take any before pics :/

There was no this last weekend, I was super bussy and also not feeling to hot (insert pun about habimg a cold)

I'm feeling all sorts of okay today though. Now it's time to edit some text and prepare for tomorrow 👍

This is the first day this week I haven't got too much of a cold, I haven't even got a fever, I think. I feel comparatively amazing!

I just ordered a new computer. I feel like a complete dork. But I'm also really exited. It's been six years since last time :)

Looking at laptops since I had some issues whit mine over the weekend. And a new laptop might actually not be a bad idea for me some time in the coming months..

Got home a little while ago from a day of listening to people talk about really interesting stuff. And then trying to lead about 80 people through a meeting. I've had a great time, but I'm very tired now.

Don't use your phone while on your bike, kids.

Also here's a pic of my commute :)
a little under 5 km. in a little over 12 minutes, that's decent right?

Tomorrow is meeting day and I wish I had a nicer computer to bring.. Right now I can choose between my tablet and a 2013 15" thing with the chassi falling off of it -_-'

Let's be honest, I'll need to bring both..

These two pictures summarize yesterday pretty well. We had some guests, ate some stuff and played some games. It was close until the end, but I lost by a point!

pdfunite 1.pdf 2.pdf ... 5.pdf output.pdf && booklet output.pdf && lp -o sides=two-sided-long-edge output.pdf

would get it done in one line but that's cheating

Some tools really are amazing. Having five separate pdfs and then being able to type three lines of text and get a neat booklet/folder with all five of them is so to me..

Sitting in a hall waiting for a job interview, I couldn't be more nervous 😀

I've just gotten home. It's cold and wet and all my clothes are damp. Not really a pleasant feeling. But I'm still hoping for a great afternoon.

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