We watched a Ghibli film and after Ebba fell asleep I started season 6 of downton.

So far I've actually kept pace at an episode per day. It'll be over next week..

One of the screws on my kickstand has loosened and fallen out, or so I thought..

Apparently it's snapped off and now it has to be drilled out 🙄

I didn't even consider that as a possibility 🤦‍♀️🚲

I cant't possibly do them all in one sitting, so I just dicided to pull ten bottles and start at the beginning.

I've swatched a bunch of inks and found a few old favourites. Some inks I remember as very similar are actually a bit different.

Ten down, a bunch to go 🙂

I made a little sleeve/box for them to be able to stand up. I'm looking forward to getting a better grasp of the inks I have.

But to be honest I've had as much fun designing and making the swatch cards. Now I'm done for today, actually done.

I made some extra cards from a sturdier gold coloured cardboard and a thicker black plastic. Now I'm at least done cutting for today. And I have enough swatch cards to last me a good long while.

I got around 185 cards from this dotbook that was originally an accidental purchase. I have somewhere between 50 and 60 inks so this will last me a good long while.

Me making swatch cards: "is this a bit much?"

Also me making swatch cards: "can't be too much, I'm having fun still"

I'm not drawing a bunch for . Kind of wish I had the head and time for that kind if thing but I don't. I have been thinking about swatching some inks tho'. So I might tag that as an october ink thing 🤷‍♀️🖋

In the category of easily avoidable freak accindents I am the undisputed queen. No one has them like I do.

I'm fine tho. Gonna have a good bruise but I'm fine.

Waking up super early.

I fell asleep around 20:30 last night. I know this because it was in the middle of a video and Ebba had just fallen asleep on top of me because it's the weekend.

At 3:30 I had slept for 7 hours and thus it was time to wake up.

picture of coffee and chocolate 

Local shop serves a piece of chocolate with their coffee.. Surprisingly for everyone 👍

vegan food 

Extravagant .

Cooked food on doubble toast. Eaten early enough to count as a late friday breakfast, but late enough to count as a light lunch. This way I don't have yo eat twice. That's the brain move 😉

I'm thinking of taking a new profile picture. We're in a new season 🤔🙂

I just bought a new . Why can't I for the life of me find my E-reader?

It's early in the morning and also very late

comment on the facebookthing that happened 

I think the right comment about the whole "facebook is down"-event that happened yesterday isn't that we should all be glad because facebook is bad, no matter what we think of its values people still rely on its services.

I think the important comment is that it could never happen to mastodon, because of the decentralized structure. At most we could lose part of the network. A DNS-error couldn't bring the the entire fediverse down.

If I had realized it was the start of I might have made an effort to get these out yesterday.

This is the item I picked up yesterday. A

I've never had a piston filling pen before because they seem like a lot of effort to clean, but I've been eying this for over a year, maybe it'll be worth the cleaning. Feels great to write with.


I've been playing this mobile platformer game and it's just enough challange and a lot of fun.

Now I'm on the last level and I think this is gonna take me a few days to clear, but I'll miss it when it's over.

(I think it's on other platforms as well)

I'm picking up a new luxury item today. This better feel special. For at least 15 minutes.

First however work, ofcourse 🙃

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