We just had first on the first of ! It's too little to get a good photo of it (I tried, and might still post a bad one in a little while).

I think my are playing . Hope the resolution holds up so you can see it.. That's clearly a ditto.

We're on a cleaning break. So we're making christmas themed decorations out of plusplus..

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We're having a great day today. Listening to christmas music and getting ready for advent tomorrow by cleaning and tidying the appartment. We're not even religious, but can still have a great time cleaning. How about that 😊

fell asleep early. Woke up well rested. 👍


Today at work we were needed for testing. So I've been doing administration for testing people all day. Intense work !

Tomorrow I'll be back to my regular work if nothing else happens 🙂

We've had a weathery day today. Meaning we had lots of different weather. Here are some pics of the rain we had and the puzzle I did some of while listening to it.

Unexpected video game nudity (blurred) 

I've been playing mobile over the last week or so and it's actually better then expected. I cant imagine this wasn't a mistake though. couldn't help but laugh a bit at such an obvious mistake, this has to have come up before 🤣🙄

food, alcohol mention 

Here's last nights dinner. I started the weekend off with pizza, don't know how that happened 🤔

Ofcourse and no, that's not alcohol in my glass, I realised I might have to mention that, so you all don't get the impression I drink strong toxins 🙄


My phone just told me I'm overweight. I don't know what to do with that..


I don't know what I'm supposed to do with that.

One of the benefits of working from home in a "smart" home is I can ride with my kid to school, just as I would before going to my regular office, and now when I get to my new "office" There's coffee ready, just as there would be at my regular office.

I just wrote, and deleted, an angry toot about a webstore that is kind of a joke in sweden because they can't seem to do proper translations for their product pages. They're like a computer program or operating system from 2010, with the disadvantage that you can't just set the language to english and ignore the bad translation.

When oyu take a new out of its box and most of the pieces are already connected 🙄 It's not really 1000 pieces now is it..

Covid-19 (neutral, long) 

something that strikes me as important is not to judge people online. People have symptoms and don't get tested. People keep getting tested every couple of days because they're worried. Some people will go to malls while some people haven't been out since Summer.

Different parts of the world have different resources, priorities, circumstances and recommendations.

we can only follow local guidelines and try to remember that other peoples local guidelines are different.

My daughter is turning in to a retail store 🤯

(She decided todays playlist is randomly asorted music, I don't actually mind too much, I could just turn it off 🤷‍♀️)


Todays lunch/dinner was green pea soup. One of the best soups I know. Both Ebba and I really enjoy it, don't know why we don't make it more often.

Ebba wanted to play but I said it was too close to bedtime. I did however promise her to set it up for tomorrow morning. I even set our mascots up next to our colour matching phonecases, playpieces and glasses. I'm feeling like super mom right now.

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