Waking up in the middle of the night to rain on my windows. 🌧🍂

Just some sunday studying.. This is really fun when you get in to the flow of it.. Writing assignments and it's not even last minute 👍

Today (depending on your timezone) was the . I brought cheesecake to work and later today we're celebrating with friends. How do/did you celebrate?

I just took both my earbuds apart and cleaned them out from a bunch of old gunk.. The sound is amazing now. Who knew it'd be such a difference! Let's hope they still charge when I try that ;)

Eye contact 

I obv didn't take these so I can't claim weekend but it's still me-pics..

The three pictures are a series of images my kid took while circeling me as I was juggling three clubs

I finally beat Dandara this morning. It been a really fun light hearted game with a serious vibe. Now we've had breakfast and the rest of the day looks to be a fun getting-things-done-day!

Images hidden for slight spoilers (one of them shows achievements/progress)

This summer when I got a couple of new pens I just "had to" ink them up right away instead of waiting for some of the others to run out first. Tonight it was finally cleaning day and let's just say not all of these are getting inked back up right away.

This is probably the first time since I got it in 2019 I'm not imidiately re-inking the aquamarine Lamy Studio, what a great pen the Studio is!

Not in frame: the couple of pens that haven't run out of ink yet..

You all know how I like my spiral bound notepads. A little while ago I turned one of them in to my calendar and now that I've deemed this experiment successfull I decided to add some decoration. It looks a bit industrial I think. I like it 📒🗓 👍

Swedish elections (also selfie ec) 

Good thing I brought a waterbottle. Standing in line to vote now.

It's been nice seeing some more water in the streams I passed today, it's been very dry this summer. Now I've just come home at half past one and I've got laundry at two.. So I guess it's back to work..


Rolled up on 66km right around 11. Took a ten minute break to have a snack. Now I'm gonna let my podcasts rest for a couple of kilometers so both my headphones and my ears can have a rest.

Let's listen to some animals instead 🚲👋

I woke up at 5.30 not at all in the mood to go 100km today. After a slow morning I got out at 7 and now I'm a quarter done. Great day do far 🚲👍

(Image hidden because spider web, no spider)

The sun has gone down while I've been mealprepping for tomorrows bikeride.. It gets dark really early now..

death of a queen 

Regardles what you think of the monarchy (and you know what I think) this is newsworthy and death is never a joke to those who lost a loved one, so maybe don't make it a joke..

Library study session today. 😊

Wish I had coffee but don't want to pack everything up to go get some.

Nailpolish finger pic 

I said whocares and just painted my nails. Now they look like matte green apples. Super pretty 👋😊

What a week we've had! We've got a new bike lock and a new door lock..

Everyone in our building got new frontdoor locks. They're supposedly better but probably about the same, just a different risk 🤷‍♀️

The bike lock fix wasn't planned but a dropped key led to me buying a bunch of tools (think angle grinder) and a new lock 🤦‍♀️But on the upside I feel pretty safe about that model of lock now..

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