The day is over and I'm heading to bed. Tomorrow I'll actually be teaching a proper class, at a school and everything.

It's mostly the same thing I talk about at work, but adapted for students instead of colleagues.

Today has been a nice day, then again most days are 🙂


Almost time to eat. This is such a pretty food.

Having new furniture always feels a bit strange, but also nice.

This weekend both Ebba and I have new desk chairs. Me because my old one was too big and bulky for it's space. Ebba because she didn't have one.

There's a light fog and lovely fresh air out this morning. I've only just been out so far but this is shaping up to be a lovely day.

Waking up at five on a saturday and not getting up until around 6.15 when one of my favourite shows comed on the radio (, for all you who know it).

We've got great friday weather. I've even had coffee in the sun


Starting season two of my most recent rewatch of Downton abbey.

I've had an eventfull day. But a good one 😊 We went to a couple of stores and bought some fall clothes. Not for me of course, but for Ebba.

Having a mid-week day off work used to be a common thing for me but now it feels very stange.

I've got some plans for later though so I'm not likely to be bored 🙂

food (vegan) 

Lunchtime! Some scrambled tofu 🙂

Any one else in the mood for rewatching downton Abbey? Just at a slow pace, like over the fall or something.

It's the first of september.

This week is pride week in my area, no parade (obviously). But all over town there are rainbow flags, all from schools and other public buildings to busses.

I might catch a pic later 🏳️‍🌈

I just realised I'm gonna have a much harder time getting my daily 30 minutes of workout on samsung health. My new watch won't autodetect cycling, only walking/running (and some others I never do).

On one hand this is a bit of a bummer because I kind of want to have my activity tracked. Then again it might be motivating not to have those 30 minutes be completely free with my comute to work..

Today is the first day the sun is gonna set before 20.00. We're less than a month out from the the equinox and it's also been raining most of the week. It's starting to feel like fall.

I'm gonna try and wait for the equinox before I call it though. We're not even close to fall temperatures. It still doesn't even pass below 10°C at night.

That thing where you notice you misspelled or keyslipped something because you re-read it again when someone interracts with your toot.

I just call it owning your mistakes..

(I promise this will get old soon)

I have more than a few things to say about this new thing already. Most of it positive and some of it strange to me. The differense between wearOS on the new one and tizen on the old one threw me off for a bit but it's not better or worse yet.

A main advantage is the all the bands I've got over the past year and some fit both of them. I swap out all the time.

Also I got the bigger size this time. I was a bit scared of it being too big last time but I had no hessitation this time.

I got a new wrist-computer and it wanted me to make an avatar so now you can all look forward to this new type of content.

Honestly It's just very silly and you'll likely not see this type of content from me again 🤷‍♀️ But it's the fun kind of silly 🤣

I've started doing this thing where I wake up in the middle of the night. Usually I just go back to sleep but tomorrow is saturday and honestly I fell asleep really early so I'm not that tired..

I'll likely be a bit tired tonight but I've been half sleeping and wathing maths- & astronomyvideos on YT for the last hour.

I rode an extra 15 km today outside of town for work. I was glad to see so many bike commuters on my ride 🚴‍♀️

I wonder how many I'll see this afternoon on my ride back.?.

That feeling when you know something is supposed to arrive in less than 48 hours but you can also see that it's not even packed/shipped yet..

All you can do really is play mobile games and chill about it.

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