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I'm gonna be making more of an effort to toot in swedish for a while. Some toots will be multilingual. We'll see if it sticks. But there's some mainly swedish folk coming on to the instance and if they stay around I want them to feel welcome.

So if you suddently can't understand what I'm saying, it's probably just a double post 😉

Played some minecraft tonight and found my first Amethyst in a cave. I know this is old news, but I recently reset my world and this is so much fun.

Spelade minecraft idag och hittade min första Ametist i en grotta. Det är inget nytt kanske, men jag startade en ny värld nyligen och har massor av roligt.

Some of you will remember I had a blue coffeetable. It was pretty beat up and the colpur was starting to flake off..

Replaced it the other day with a new (to me) table I got from @aliel . The first thing I did was of course to drill a hole thru it..

Also: Not only but also half way mark for the year.

Take a break, it's halftime. Have some ☕️🍰

We've got a thunderstorm rolling in. Cozy!

Åskväder på gång. Mysigt!

First week of summer work done. Today has been warm and sticky. I'm home now and am gonna try to bake some for tomorrow.

Första veckans sommarjobb gjort. Idag har varit varm och klibbig. Jag är hemma för dagen och ska försöka baka lite till imorgon.

Another morning. Another day closer to everything happening this summer ☀️

But to be fair I've got no reason to rush, I'm gonna have a great day today 😊

This is one of those days that is just happening and I can't do anything hold on and come along for the ride..

Idag är en sån där dag som bara händer. Jag följer med och gör mitt bästa.

Decided to go bare legged for midsummer and ended up with a temporary tattoo 🌈

30°C on the balcony today. I'd say it's been a good last day at work before the jon goes in to summer mode. I've got four more weeks until vacation.

30°C på balkongen idag. Jag skulle säga att det varit en bra sista dag innan semesterperioderna börjar på jobbet. Själv har jag fyra veckor kvar till min semester.

Today is the last workday of the week. Tomorrow is midsummer and I have the day off 😊

For some reason I worked the solstice 🤔🙄

Some countries have such distinctive shapes. I oneshot todays worldle 🙂

Today is solstice day! Yay! I'll be at work when it happens but still a nice day to appreciate the spin of time 🙂

Just a couple of hours now ☀️

Also, I just restocked my pencase with some of my favourite paper clips. Now I'm ready for summer! ☀️🐧🚲☀️😊

Today is stationary day 😊

I spent lunch cleaning and filling three pens (not entirely the same pens)

I've got a new ink in an old pen and an old ink in a new pen. Plus I got to take out a new notebook/pad because I finished my old one. It doesn't get better than this.

På lunchen idag fyllde jag en ny penna med ett gammalt bläck och en gammal penna med ett nytt bläck, plus att jag börjat på ett nytt block. Blir det bättre än så? Nej! 😊

When people sign up to this instance and try to advertise drugs on the other side of the world..

They usually last about 20 minutes before getting suspended and told not to come back with that kind of messaging.

It's raining. I kind of like it but we might have to change up our plans for today..

Det regnar. Jag gillar regn för det mesta men vi kanske måste ändra plan för dagen lite.. WEEKEND nr 165, 4/6


Wow! that took some time to figure out..

We've had netflix since 2016 and I use it once or twice a year. Kid uses it all the time. This month she traded it for an extra minecraft realm, so now we have two realms and no netflix. That's a win in my book. More games where you get to be creative and learn stuff!

Vi har haft netflix sedan 2016 och jag använder det sällan men ungen använder det jämnt. Nu har hon förhandlat bort det för hon ville ha en minecraft realm till. Så nu har vi två realms och inget netflix. Jag är för!

Been to summer break celebrations. Having a great day.

Varit på sommarlovsavslutning. En härlig sommardag.

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