I woke up this morning to a slight buzz on the arm. I didn't even look at my phone for more than an hour and a half after getting out of bed.

Having my main distraction element also be my alarm clock might not have been too bright. It means starting the day with a distraction.

Just played a game of mario party. Why don't we do this more often?


The benefit of looking up -reviews for less popular tech is it's a great way to find new tech-youtubers. It's not all jerryriggers, techtipers and iJustines..

I'm thinking of getting a I can change to match my outfit from day to day ⌚🤔

"mom, I made a slime hotdog. Can you take a picture and post it to the internet"

"Yes, yes I can."

I have an entire week off from work. I'm not feally sure what to do with that, but we have some plans 🍂

Going to work early is generally great. It's like an automatic early start to every day.


Just had some great tacos. Some times kids have the best ideas for food!

I've turned my computer on once I think since I got this tablet. I've had to come up with some workarounds, but I have yet to settle on results. There are however some things I really need to sort out eventually..

Me playing around and tracing over an image with krita on a tuckscreen..

Coffee break for a home worker and her kid home from school

Working from home today. Benefits of web based conferences is I don't have to miss them just because I'm not at work..

These are obviously from two different days (the lighting is very different). But just look at the colours we're having right now.

Im reading a really interesting paper on "how high-tech assistive technology in
the elderly care are represented in selected Swedish newspapers"

And while this is a bit of a cluncky wording it's a promising read so far.

Do you ever have that feeling where you'd just like to throw caution to the wind and do something because it's simple, even though you know it only probably safe. 

like using a notes app with cloud sync rather than your own sync and backup..

I'll try and be strong!

Being kid-free over a weekend is a bit strange, but I'm getting stuff done.

I've had pie, I've gone swimming, I'm making food for next week, and hopefully I'll have made another skirt by the end of the night.

getting so much stuff done..

Selfie no ec. 

I was hoping to take a new profile picture but I think this is gonna be instead.

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