I just took a bunch of weekend selfies but can't decide on wich ones to post 🤔 Might get a new profile pic out of this set..

getting back from a cold 

What I miss the most as I'm coming back from staying home the entire week is just getting on my bike. Now that I'm not shut off on the couch all day I realise just how heavy that habit is set.

I'm used to riding 20K five days per week and I haven't tuched a pedal in a week almost now.

Really looking forward to monday 🚲🚲

the terrible cold I have.. 

I obviously wouldn't go to work, but I can work from home if I feel up to it..

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the terrible cold I have.. 

Ebba and I habe been having a great time this morning playing mariokart. For a little while I felt bad about not working today, but then I realised being able to play mariokart for an hour doesn't mean I'd manage an 8 hour workday.

I've had my phone out of its case the last few days, just to get a feel for what that could be like. Since I've been staying home it has felt like a safer space to do so. But of course I dreamt last night that I cracked the screen 🙄.. Is that an omen 🤔

covid personal 

as excpected, I tested negative. It' important to get tested because you never know, but it is also important not to panic because most people who get tested are still negative.

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I've had two oranges tonight. I'm very sticky, but they were good. I don't eat oranges often enough..

covid personal 

I was hardly up all day yesterday. dizzy and feverish with the worst kind of headache.

Today is better, but mostly because I took how ever much ibuprofen I needed to be able to go get tested..

Results will be in tomorrow 😊

weekend selfies, ec. 

Other new lens, who other dis?

Seriously though.. I got a new zoom and a new wide. The wide will take some getting used to, it's not my style of photo. But enjoy some shots

I'll just put this here. I got two new lenses and I'm super excited to try them out. It is also super late and I'm tired.

So much to do, so little time to post.

There are so many birds in the tree just out side our window at work. No camera today though and I'm at work so I wouldn't be able to use it anyway..

•Short coffee break over. Back to writing a bunch of questions for people to answer about what they want to do at work..

So much to do. So little time to post.

We had snow both monday and tuesday, for about ten minutes each. Yesterday it was all frost out until the sun came up. I haven't looked out yet today..

On my way home today we had such sunshine and pretty birds all around. An hour later when I got out with my camera we had clouds and a light wind.. Still got some birds 📷😊🐦

I just made a major investment in a hobby 📷

Now it's time to wait for the mail I guess 🙄

The best thing (not really but wow what a difference this makes) about having a few extra days off work.

at home is soo much better than coffee at work.

It's the weekend again. We're going to the store and doing laundry.. Maybe we'll get some spring pics later. I've got some ibdoor selfies but would love to take some outdoor selfies later 🙂🌞

I just approved the tag as a trending tag on skrivel.se

I've never seen it before, it must be some thing that got traction while I was sleeping. But I think I have a good feeling what this is about..

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