On a different note..

Weren't IKEA supposed to stop selling sharks? I think some one on here said they were being discontinued. And also what was/is the hype about?

I'm not sure I've mentioned this on here but Baba is You is an amazing puzzle game.

In case you didn't play it back in the day when every one was recommending it I'm just gonna say it's available on many platforms now. I'm playing it on my phone and the rush of beating a level you've been stuck on for an entire day is about a great as it gets with puzzles

Work selfie with mask (EC) 

Some pictures from this week 😊

They're work week weekend selfies!!


Wordle 214 2/6



I took my camera for a walk today, It was pretty much a bust, as far as birds go, but it was a nice walk still :)

this will out me as a complete minecraft noob despite having played for a fair bit of time, but the nether is all a big pile of chaos to me 😬😳

I went down for about 20 minutes tonight though 😁

This is gonna be a weekend full of stuff.. So much to do, so much I want to get done.

You know some one haf a bad day translating when your podcast app says 19minutes left (the direction) instead of 19 minutes left (as in remaining)

The "same" word in english, but definately not in swedish 🤣

The curtains we had up before christmas I think have been up for the last three years straigh, all year every year. So today we even splurged for some new ones and I'm really excited for thursday.

tjugondag knut is another piece of chenanigans I guess, but it means Christmas ends on thursday 😉

I'm really looking forward to thursday when I can finally take the christmas decorations down.

In case you were wondering what it looks like to transition from purple to red ink when you cleaned and filled the converter but not the nib or feed.

But my phone does it in the opposite way from my tablet. Instead of changing its max and reporti g 100% when it's at 85 my phone just never report more than 85% This is just fine but I was expecting the other way and it really freaked me out 😳🤣

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My phone got a feature in a recent update I've been wanting since I first got it on my tablet. Not charging the battery past 85% 👐

I'm in home improvement mode. I electrified another table. I look forward to not tripping over a lot of wires 👍


203 6/6


Android question:
If I have an app that is available from several different app stores, will my phone just "figure out" it's the same app?

I have an app that I'm thinking of installing from another repo because the first one is a f-ing bother and this is an essential app to me. Do I need to uninstall/reinstall or can I just buy it in the other app store?

10!! 10!! I just got it on the 10!

light I guess..

Sitting down for the winter friday tradition of Ebba staying up late to watch


I'm apparently getting better at this, or maybe more lucky 🤷‍♀️

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