This morning we had 15°C instead of 25°C. It was a lovely bike ride, and now I'm gonna head home. It's now around 23°C

Cars can be good some times, we just had such lovely weather this morning. Finally some cooler weather, calm with a light fog.

Now it's the afternoon soon and starting to get warm and humid again..

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Oh, how I wish I didn't have a car for this week, but work kind of needs it.. Bleh for cars 😆

Apparently it's dark enough for streetlights to turn on in the middle of the day.

We're in a thunderstorm with lots of dark clouds and I don't know where the sensor is.

Someone at work today thought I was 25. I don't know what to do with that..

Today we've been to the museum again, and to the castle.

Some times I forget that not every one has easy access to local history. 🏰

I've been out all day but plan on watching the Olympics-thing later tonight.

I don't know why but sometimes I think it's kind of fun watching it as a kind of cultural event. Like a dance or a play or something 🤷‍♀️

Todays bike ride experiment (finished) 

I've been home a while now.

It turned out to be a 108km ride at a comfortable pace. I must have brought just the right amount of water because I drank the two regular bottles and the insulated bottle had just enough left in it when I got home that I got a glass of ice water.

Todays bike ride experiment 

We've stopped at about two thirds of todays ride. These pictures are from a little while ago.

Todays bike ride experiment 

It's still warm today but not as hot as last week..

Slightly past the midwaypoint of todays adventure I'd guess.. But I don't actually know what the distance will be when we get back home..

Todays bike ride experiment 

I haven't made a trip like this in four or five years. I've wanted to every summer but never really planned to because I haven't had the opportunity.

Now the opportunity presented itself and we decided two days ago to just go for it.

This is very much an "I don't see why I wouldn't be able to" kind of day trip.

Todays bike ride experiment 

Passinng by a small town and decided to take our first actual break of today.

We're a little over a third of the way at 34km.

Todays bike ride experiment 

First stop of todays bike ride experiment.

Bike buddy had to do some slight maintenance.

we're 13km in.

Wow, is this place crowded. I'm at a restaurant and there are more people here than I've seen in a good while..

Funny Swedish amazon has two big issues

1. It's run by Amazon

2. It's in horrible Swedish
The (presumably automatic) translations are so bad that you often have to know English and then also a little about computer translation to turn it back to English before you know what you're looking at. The Swedish is some times grammatically off, some times nonsense and some times clear, but incorrect.

Today when I stumbled on they just gave up.

"Now you can shop in English"

The other one is blooming. It's so nice looking 😊🎉🌻🌱

Apparently today is world emoji day.


I just played what I think is my best game ever of geoguessr. It's on a "local" map, but still..

I don't play this very often but I saw a speed run the other day and it is a fun game, even when you play it casually and don't pay for the subscription.

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