ah. This is the satisfying proof of hard work. Dubbed the , I can't remember who came up with that but it's genious.

@knittingsquirrel The little ball that forms on some yarns as you pull it through your hand while . The more you knit the bigger it grows ✌️🧶

@franciecashman Oh, I'm glad I didn't guess then. But I knew it was one of you wonderful people who replied on my previous account 😀✌️

@openess Lol! The only reason I remember is because when you first posted it, it reminded me of a dingleberry, and I didn’t want to offer that as a suggestion, so I switched it to yarnberry. Way better connotation! 😂

@franciecashman Haha. I'm glad I never made that connection. Yarnberry kind of reminds me of raspberry.

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