Almost all of my data transfer is over network nowadays. It is 2019 after all. But being the friend of redundancy that I am I actually got, for the first time in years and years, a new USB stick today.

The weird kind that still accepts the old standard, we will laugh at this in a few years, but right now it's pretty sweet.

@openess I still use a portable SSD every day... It's nice to have it on me for when I need transport data between work and home.
Also have a toolkit on it for emergencies (like a Linux live and some other tools

@finlaydag33k I used to have a stick with my most important docs and one with a live environment on it.. I just realised I never used the docs and never unexpectedly needed the live stick.. I used it once in a while to help friends out.. But never unexpectedly 🤷

I use mine fairly often and since i'm in an IT company where we (among other things) fix people's PCs and nobody ever had a clue what they're doing my live env gets a lot of action.

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