One of the things on todays list was inking up my empty pens. There was a few of them.

@openess I now see where this is headed. I just got my first pen (AL-star), converter and ink. Love the feeling to write with it. The wife got interested too. So in a few years we’ll probably have a similar box with stuff!

@haagen Haha, you likely will 🙂

Great choice of a pen. I think you get a lot with because of the swap-and-combine-factor. And as far as my experience goes they're great pens 🙂✒️

What ink did you get? how do you like it?

@openess I got a bottle of T53 Benitote - was a hard choice between that Peridot and Amazonite. Have not tried yet since I got a blue cartridge with the pen and bought the ink and converter afterwards.

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