Imagine this perfect morning:
You've been up early doing the laundry
You've spent some time cleaning up in the kitchen
You sit down with your kid for a proper, long, breakfast
There's tea and toast
You both help with writing a to-do-list for the weekend.

@openess Vi gjorde en att-göra lista på whiteboarden, satte timstocken på en timme och städade igenom hela lägenheten. Nu spelar de TV-spel med gott samvete!

@franciecashman periodically. She'll get really excited about a nice pen and choosing inks. But right now they're lost in the black hole that is her bedroom..

@openess You have a black hole in your home too??? Omg Z‘s room is awful.

@franciecashman I remember there being some controversy (read: tabloid drama) a while back about the LHC possibly accidentaly creating a black hole. But we've already proven that a modest home can contain one pretty well so I don't know what all the fuzz was about 🤷‍♀️

@openess I remember that too. They were selling shirts at the time that said I survive the LHC. Lol.

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