I started playing an old mobile game a couple of days ago and the ads are really bugging me. In some games over the eyars I've actually paid a (small) amount to remove ads. That just seems like a better way for me to pay than with my time/attention. But I don't know if this one is worth it..

Now I have to live with the ads until I decide if I want to pay or uninstall.. oh, the agony.

@openess when that comes up I always pay. I realize I'm probably dumb, and I likely (definitely) pay for way more apps that I use. But I just hate the ads. Instant uninstall or pay to evaluate. 🤷 I already payed my time once, that's what jobs are for.

@habmala @openess I usually pay too. If the game brings me joy then I am happy to support the developers.

@deneb @habmala You're right, I should just pay the small amount required for "any purchase removes pop up ads". Problem is I just never saw myself as someone making a purchase in subway surfers.. 😓

@openess @habmala LOL!!! I love everything about this.
🏃‍♀️👮 🚆 😂

@deneb @openess that's the thing ;) pay or uninstall. Can you live with having payed for Subway surfers 🤷 it's up to you, I know I'd think twice though.

@habmala @deneb I did it.

I've had this game installed (and eventually uninstalled) on every android phone I've owned.. I figure a game I keep coming back to has to be worth it, and they recently implemented saves in a way that will let me save progress for my next phone. I wasted less than half a bag of chips 🤷‍♀️

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