@deneb you should see it when it's spinning 🥴🤪😳

All jokes aside, we're having a great time. I'd love for you (or some of the other people who will read this) to come visit our island some time.

The room doesn't have to be spinning 😉

. @deneb I'm not entirely sure how to make that practically happen though.. Seems some serious schedualing is required. The gane doesn't allow for easily "inviting someone over"

@openess I agree! And I'm so overwhelmed with getting my island up and running. I got a "late" start by starting Sunday since we were camping.

@deneb In just a day or two you'll be right there with the rest of us. There is a lot happening in the first few days but it slows down and you'll catch up in no time (as if this was a race and not a stroll 🤷‍♀️ )

@openess For real! I just want to discover stuff and explore! I'm terrible at catching bugs.

@deneb I was looking at some youtubers playing (yes, that's the age I am 😉 ) and they were talking about size four shadows and farming bugs depending ont the RNG patterns in random islands..

I had to stop watching.

That's not the fun part!! 😲😦

@openess I don't know what those words are and that doesn't sound fun AT ALL. I'll just randomly swing my flimsy net, I'll be alright. LOL.

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