I've been looking at this pen case for a long time but didn't want to import. Now I found it in a store here in sweden, so I didn't have to.

Also found theese adorable paper clips. Both of them feel very me.

@openess Hey! Any fave pen shops in Sweden that you dig? Tips are welcome. /fellow svensk :)

@pivic I only know of one pen shop in sweden with a good selection of and that's penstore in stockholm (or There are a few more stationery stores though 🙂 This pen case is from

@openess thanks! I know Pen Store well. NK is really good for some brands, especially Mont Blanc and Lamy, but I like that Pen Store is far more interested in Japanese brands like Sailor and Platinum!

@pivic Yeah, I figured you knew penstore already..

@openess I had no idea about komadori though! Thanks a lot for enlightening me.

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