I woke up this morning to a slight buzz on the arm. I didn't even look at my phone for more than an hour and a half after getting out of bed.

Having my main distraction element also be my alarm clock might not have been too bright. It means starting the day with a distraction.


I take off watch, rings and even socks when I sleep! 😅

@mikonos could your socks buzz you awake though?🤔

@openess see if it has a quiet time setting? It might be possible to not let notifications through, and only let alarms ring.

I don't get many notifications in the mornings, otherwise I'd ban them until coffee has been drunk.

@panina oh, what woke me up was my alarm. I've turned notifications off for everything but a few apps 🙂

But I also found a "night mode" that turns notifications off and keeps alarms on. I'm still finding my way around this thing and it will be a few days before I find the balance between battery life and features. But night mode is on for sure 😉

Do you live the smartwatch life too?

@openess yep, I need it desperately to keep track of my sleep. I look at my sleep graphs occasionally, and then I notice if I haven't been sleeping enough over time...

@panina I'm still deciding if that's a usecase for me or if charging over night would be worth more to me. The alarm is a pretty hot feature though.

what modeI do you have, if you don't mind me asking? It's always a bad idea to compare products after you just bought one, but I just can't help myself.

@openess I have an ancient pebble time. But it is sadly dying, so I'm looking at the #pinetime project right now...

Sadly, though, the find-my-phone function no longer works on the pebble, it's not implemented in gadgetbridge. That's the main thing I'm missing right now, because I misplace my phone constantly...

@panina I know a few people who had pebbles. Until recently I've had a job where I can't wear a watch so I never got into the pebble back when, and buying one now is less of an obvious choise 😉

I haven't heard about pinetime before. I settled on last years samsung watch.

@openess I tried using another model, but it seems I can't quite live without the e-paper display. I want a watch that works in the sun...

#pinetime is from #pine64, an open-source project that makes affordable, low-powered devices. They started with laptops for $99, and are now moving into smartphones and smartatches as well... I really like their stuff, and if I have to live with a led-based screen, It will have to be a pine thing.

@panina I find mine plenty bright, but I obviously havn't had it in summer yet. Nothing can really beat e-ink though, for readability or batterylife. I appreciate mine atleast being o-led, that helps a little bit. But yours is probably better in bright light than mine 😄

@openess I tried a mi band, but it just... did not function outdoors.

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