Covid-19 (neutral, long) 

something that strikes me as important is not to judge people online. People have symptoms and don't get tested. People keep getting tested every couple of days because they're worried. Some people will go to malls while some people haven't been out since Summer.

Different parts of the world have different resources, priorities, circumstances and recommendations.

we can only follow local guidelines and try to remember that other peoples local guidelines are different.

Covid-19 (neutral, long) 

@openess I’m going to judge people who recklessly endanger themselves and others. There is gray area of course, but too many people are way beyond it.

Covid-19 (neutral, long) 

@klievhelm This was mostly a reminder that the pandemic looks very different in different parts of the world and different regions have to handle it accordingly. I can't judgd someone for not following my local guidelines if they don't live where I live.

people recklessly endangering themselves and others are still reckless.

Covid-19 (neutral, long) 

@openess We struggle here with basic standards, so I had to point out that they exist.

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