Ebba got a magnifying glass and a compass for christmas because she wanted to play detective. So now I've hidden a bunch of stuff with clues all over the appartment. 😊

@openess Has she read Harriet the Spy? It’s an absolutely charming book about a girl who goes looking for mysteries *everywhere*.

@deneb No.. I looked it up just now and there doesn't seem to be a swedish translation. Looks like something she might have enjoyed 😊

what's the recommended age? Maybe she can still enjoy it when her english gets good enough but that's a good few years away..

@openess Dang it, I was hoping there was. The main character Harriet is in 6th grade, so it'd be interesting for quite some time I'd think. Heck, now I'm thinking about re-reading it.

@deneb 6:th grade feels like it's sooo far away. It'll feel like tomorrow when we get there. I think even if she probably knows enough english to manage mastodon and chat with friends over videogames by then it's another thing to read an entire book in a second language.. Maybe she'll be there by then and maybe it'll take until 7:th or 8:th 😉

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