I've been messing about with doodle art on my tablet. The mix of digital and pen is amazingly special. It's still down to doodle ability, so not computer generated, but also not ruined if you make a mistake..

I think this might be the sweetspot 🤔

Still haven't found an app that does all I want, just most of it..

@openess Agreed. I have found joy using a pencil on a tablet to create. I use iPad and Apple Pencil and Procreate is the best app I have found, in case that is useful.

@scully @openess i've recently gotten an e-ink tablet that does very smooth pen input, and it's really something. prompted me to get back to having a wacom + mypaint setup ready to go any time i feel like i want it on my desktop - none of this is _quite_ expressive in the way paper is, but it has its own advantages and it imports a nice part of that fluidity into the digital world.

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