The last couple of days I've had terrible battery life and I know I'm likely gonna have to replace my phone this year, but don't want to replace it this winter.. 😞

Maybe I can figure out the battery. Maybe it's just something stupid πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

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@Linuxtjej I'm on the samsung galaxy S10. two years is about what I've gotten from a phone in the smartphone era. And this one has some scuffs and marks to it. The back is only almost fully attached (I had to replace the back in the first month of owning it).

I got this in, I think october, of 2019. Something like that. But I still really like it. It's still snappy and responsive.

@openess If it's android, and semi recent (like 9+ I think) there is a graph that lists battery usage per app. Which might indicate where your drainage might be.

@sexybiggetje The system setting will show usage per app since last full charge, yes. But I've had it on the charger for most of today so that won't help for now.

I'm also thinking it might have to do with the reception in the building where I'm currently working and further testing is needed. If it is a reception thing it would likely come down to what apps try again too soon when they can't sync.

@openess well yes, modem switching (both mobile and wifi) is expensive in drainage yes.

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