Funny Swedish amazon has two big issues

1. It's run by Amazon

2. It's in horrible Swedish
The (presumably automatic) translations are so bad that you often have to know English and then also a little about computer translation to turn it back to English before you know what you're looking at. The Swedish is some times grammatically off, some times nonsense and some times clear, but incorrect.

Today when I stumbled on they just gave up.

"Now you can shop in English"

Funny Swedish amazon 

@openess Interesting perspective for them to choose. “Lucky you! Now you can shop in English! Isn’t that great?!”

Funny Swedish amazon 

@deneb That perspective didn't even cross my mind. I read it as "we give up, we'll just let you get on with your shopping".

I think it's a sign of how bilingual sweden is.

Funny Swedish amazon 

@openess That’s even funnier, “we give up, just deal with it.”

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