Yesterday I was fiddeling around with this little thing in a meeting. I never even realised I put it on my forehead but I must have walked around like this all night 🤦‍♀️

If I knew about it atleast I could have owned it or removed it but oh, well.. 🤷‍♀️

OH NO! She's almost spoted them. They were standing so still, how did she find them??

I'm obviously in a silly mood tonight. And to be fair frenchfry has a pretty good vantagepoint from up there..

Every one seem to be posting pictures of their cats. Here's my contribution. Her name is frenchfry and she's up to no good. I keep having to rescue the moomins from her.

I'm hoping to finish this today. Not really sure how that will go.

Today I bought fancy and then I did a proper clean of my coffee grinder. I feel like such a hipster. But it sure does taste good.

+ Health, eye-selfie 

On mh way home after a weekend of seminars and workshops. at its most fun

At the end of today I'm really tired from carrying a bunch of bags around. Now for some sit down time..

Apparently the first friday of november is always so here's todays loadout.. Two lamys and one pineider. ✒ 🖋

Stuck late at work today. Also really enjoying work today! Here's a pic from this morning.

I know there has been some talk about this over the last few weeks. But to the credit of it's not often I see release notes this clear, especially not after a debacle like this..

A cloudy sunset and warm weather on our way home today..

This is both my new wallpaper and my sweet sweet aspect ratio, reminds me of the LG G6 with its 2:1, only I think this is 19:9 🧶

Ebba's been learning about in so we decided to see if we could spot some on our today 🍄🙂

This was the prettiest!

I'm baking and looking at phones. What a morning..

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