Got home from work and found these pretty things. I'm just gonna play with them a little tonight. I have to get up to work early tomorrow.

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I want my 200:th toot to be This is from a few days ago 👍✌️

Ebba insisted on stopping on our way to work and taking pictures of these. They're pretty I guess.

Here's a tree from today. We've got a few flowery weeks ahead of us now :)

nice .
Even my kid ate like she was hungry, which she wasn't.

Kid and I prepping for this weekend. We both pack a paper egg full of sweets, then I hide hers and she hides mine. We'll look for them on saturday. Those are the rules she told me so that's how we'll do it.

We didn't eat a single piece today, we're so good at this 🍬✌️

Today, instead of food that mostly cooks itself, I made food that mostly eats itself. I have less fever today, so I actually kind of feel like eating, almost.

@machi thought about you when I saw this at the local mall. A bit early but still

Just played this game for the first time. It's really nice. As a simple platformer it holds up. As a pretty game it holds up. As an inspiration for crafting.. I've already gotten some.

Two player mode is a bit chaotic with a 5yo, but that's because she thought the funniest thing was to eat me and steal my eggs 😂

I forgot to my last , so here is another one. It's the same except not as good because the sun is in my eyes..

Look at this image of spring. We're having a great beautiful day today!

Visiting a building site for a new hospital building. This is going to be a great place when it's finished. A big part of politics is meeting staff and professionals to get a sense of all the great work they do.

Doodeling in a meeting. I love a good maths-doodle, it helps me :)

Almost all of my data transfer is over network nowadays. It is 2019 after all. But being the friend of redundancy that I am I actually got, for the first time in years and years, a new USB stick today.

The weird kind that still accepts the old standard, we will laugh at this in a few years, but right now it's pretty sweet.

The graphic on my old was pretty worn out. And this thing is the best gadget I've ever gotten for another gadget. So I decided to paint it one of my favourite colours.. The same as my table!

Sadly didn't think to take any before pics :/

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