Me playing around and tracing over an image with krita on a tuckscreen..

Coffee break for a home worker and her kid home from school

Working from home today. Benefits of web based conferences is I don't have to miss them just because I'm not at work..

These are obviously from two different days (the lighting is very different). But just look at the colours we're having right now.

Selfie no ec. 

I was hoping to take a new profile picture but I think this is gonna be instead.

food (baking) 

Ebba wanted to bake something over the weekend and it turned out delicious 🙂

Tonight might bring some more posts. The first thing I do is go through the settings and I keep finding hot new stuff.

I don't usually post like this. Promise 😉

uhm.. When did this become part of the setup proces for a new device?


chocolate milk and popcorn. I think we're gonna watch a movie and just chill after cleaning some this afternoon 🧹🍿

I have a new skirt. I made it yesterday and wore it today for the first time. I like it so far 🙂

excercise + 

for fun really is the best, I just took a 30 kilometer trip exiting the city to the south and getting back from the north.

Best part, I got home to just being finished having had the foresight to set that up before I left 😊🚴‍♀️👍


Vegan friday milkshake. That's the best


todays dinner. Good thing it was really good bevause I'll be eating it for lunch the next five days 😉

I got a new bike and my kid got a new helmet so today we decided to get out on a 6.30 breakfast picnic ride.

We've only gone a couple of kilometers but this still beats regular breakfast any day 🙂🚴‍♀️🥪

This week is pride week here. It's gonna feel strange not going to the parade this weekend. But as usual lots of institutions are flying flags 🏳️‍🌈

These are from across the week so far 🙂

This has been sitting just outside of my house the last week. I wonder where it came from..

phone selfie 

On my way back to my regular job. I've done other stuff since march. It's good to be back, but also a bit strange I guess.

weekend selfie (no ec) 

Still waiting for my bike to get back from the shops. So I've been on the bus again today..

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