I've got vinyl sticker printer paper. Made some test stickers. I don't know yet how they handle water or weather, but this might be the best way to get stickers 😊

I asked Ebba to take some pictures of me while we were out today. is replaced by weekend Ebbie.. Hmm, does that make sense 🤔

All for today, no

Just some local . I went for a morning walk. It looks like it's shot low but it's taller than me and this is what it mostly looks like when I get close. I like it.

Out plastic tree grew over christmas and now won't fit in its box.. I didn't expect this 🤔

weekend selfie 

I'm getting ahead of the game with selfies this weekend.

For new years Ebba wanted a fruit sallad. I'm all for that so I simply asked her what she wanted in it and she started listing fruits. We were at the store for this so she could have had any fruit. She chose clementines, apples and grapes.. I'm like: We have that already, is there any other fruit or are we all set? 

Without hesitation she says: tomato.. and I'm like..

One of these notebooks last me about three months. Today I started a new one and I didn't realise this when I bought it but the colour reminds me a lot of my grandmother..

Ebba and I playing around with different options building storage for washi tape..

Mastodon/Tusky question 

Hey, what does the bell icon do? I don't remember seing it before, it's only on accounts I've followed but nothing seems to happen when I press it..

For the people who are trying to help but can't find the bell.. I'm on the latest version of testing (latest in playstore). I doesn't seem to be in stable yet, I looked obv.

It took a couple of days instead of a couple of weeks as the bigger ones have. Part of what took a little longer is that one of the pieces don't fit.. I have a hole in the puzzle, and a piece left over. It's just not the right one 🧩😔

christmas selfies 

weekend turned in to selfies this week. Whatyougonnado?


One of the very few advantages of being alone for christmas is that I and I alone decide what's fun for christmas dinner. This ended up surprisingly traditional 🤷‍♀️

I tried uploading an elaborate GIF of my living room setteling down in to . But the file was too big.. So here's just a picture of a tree 🤷

In a little while I'm off to the store. Hope there are fewer people now that most of the stores at the mall have closed for the day.

My vacume tried to eat a bunch of yarn. It was really funny at firat because the yarn tried to run away. But I had to stop it and now I'm left with this mess..

Ok.. I'm gonna stop for tonight. I'm really tired but I can definitely say 500 is a lot less than half of 1000. For puzzles at least 😉🧩

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Started a new . 500 pieces this time and not 1000 as the last two. Question now is, can I finish this before christmas. (that is to say: can I finish this and also put up all the decorations in just the one day remaining)

Once again, I did not choose the image.

Christmas fixing 

I've come in the habit of posting christmas preparations every sunday of advent and some times in between. I'm worried my newer followers will think I'm religious. Not really, I just like celebrating stuff. Almost anything really 😉

Anyway, today has been a lot of gift wrapping 🎁

weekend selfie (ec) 

Part of the project is me just getting used to liking how I look. I try to post most weekends mostly to not only post when I look good.

This weeks theme is "look at that gigant forehead!" also known as, "braids always look better from day three.." theese are just an hour old

food, baking 

I don't make gingerbread cookies every year. But really got in the mood to this week. So here they are 🙂

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