Finally some snow. We've been preparing for all day. Was met with this at the end of it. I'm so happy now 😀

Kid wants to colour random pictures from online. Sure, I'll join 🤷

Having a printer is the best!

I'm home with a feverish kid. Slept on the sofa tonight so as to not wake her when she had finally fallen asleep on top of me..

Having woken up early I've already gotten to the making lunch part of today. I'm also looking at pen cases, that seems to be todays thing, if yesterday was erasers..

So.. This happened yesterday. I've only just started on the next one but I want it finished by wednesday. I'm not sure I'll find the time but I'll try!

Work weekends give little time for 🧦🧶

Look what I wore today! It's my not-winter-shoes..

I just won at a game. The kid and I are preparing for , the best convention in ..

I'm in charge of kids games. Gonna be a fun weekend of showing of good games to kids and parents who don't know anything but memory (witch is fun, but not really a good game imo)

I've started a whole new yarnberry. The first 1680 stitches of my new pair of socks.

ah. This is the satisfying proof of hard work. Dubbed the , I can't remember who came up with that but it's genious.

Doodeling to home made icecream (frozen apple juice popsicle)

My wallets over the last few years. You can really see the progression in DIY effort. From realising clear tape help them last longer to figuring out it's easy to print your own stickers. The first few ones aren't even dated. That started with the one my daughter decorated when she was three.

I keep switching for new designs but these last a really long time. Before I made a new one today I had had my last one for a bit over seven months and it's as good as it was after a week.

It is now two minutes after and I just finished fixing my . Put on a winter tire and got the saddle realigned after the last weeks multiple falls. I guess it was worth it, I feel like a pro mechanic.

Here it is, in my kitchen, just waiting for me to get up tomorrow. The angle in this photo is from the floor where I'm currently laying down because -did I mention- it's past midnight..

I just finished one of the best wordfeud games I've played in a good long while.. I'm just gonna feel good about this for a while. Might resume my day later..

Today is split in two. One positive and one negative part. I fell on my bike and only by luck are both my daughter and I mostly fine.

But we had the best lunch today, my kid almost never wants to help with cooking and generally don't like eating really. Today she felt like she had made the whole meal and the sauce was just amazing.

(Guess who was backseat driving the whole time her five year old were stiring pans on the stove and adding spices to stuff)

Today is going to be a strange day. My legs are sore from exercise I haven't done. I have a full day of running around and biking to places ahead of me.

This piece of paprika will represent the shape of today.

Coming home late from work means late night dinner, it'll have to be a quick one though. I have to be up in the morning for work

Here is what I hastely built out of snow before coming to work. It's a snowball with a smaller snowball on top, and I'm not calling it anything else until it has a pair of eyes. But to be fair it's not likely to ever get that. 🤷☃️

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I found the needle. It was in my backpack, must have fallen in. No idea how. But I've been carrying it around all day apparently and by some lucky happenstance it's not even broken.

I feel a little bit like an idiot, but also I'm just happy I found it.
will commence tomorrow. It's time for bed now.

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