bought some notepads from a shop. This is the note they sent with the order. Kind of sets the tone, doesn't it. 📔📒✒️🗡️

Just leaving work for the day. Had a little friend on my bag 🙂

I clicked random on emojipedia ans now I feel old 😳

But I guess browsing emojipedia puts me on that category by default anyway 🤔


home improvement:

My desk has had power sockets attached to it since forever. But now I'm putting them on my kitchen table too. I bought a sugru equivalent and stuck them on there. Tomorrow I'll take of the clamps.

No more cables laying around on the floor 👍🔌

I had some trouble getting this. The store sent the wrong pen and I've been waiting all week now for this..

My new limited edition Lamy studio finally arrived, I've been waiting this since I first saw it early in the summer.

I've done a whole days worth of housework and it's only 9.30. What should I do with the rest of today, chill?

My table looks so fall cozy.

Just got this beautiful sunrise. The air has a decided tone of autumn to it..

went to see the exhibit at castle. I liked it 👍🌻

I think I look like I fit in well in this picture. But also kind of don't really look like myself..

This is what I brought for my first day at work. I ended up not using any of it..

today and tomorrow are my last days at my current job. I think it's customary to at least leave a card behind, this weeks project has been that.

Feels really strange..

After pen cleaning it was water fight time. It's really warm today so a little water felt nice

This has now had a good cleaning. Looking much better. The things we do 🤷

Cutting this up to fit on my safaris instead of in them.

Also: I regret I forgot to tag my last toot..

I ran out of ink in two different pens yesterday. Time for some new colour inks. I wanted to share a video on this, but it turned out too big 🤷

Tried ikeas new ovo-vego "kebab". It was a good experience until my kid spillled her drink all over me 🍴🥤

I'm not saying go to ikea. But if you do.. try it 😉

Look at this beautiful . Found it on my way from work today.

Some saturday shopping. We bought lots of reasonable food but the top of my bag really shows it's the weekend.

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