weekend selfies, ec. 

Other new lens, who other dis?

Seriously though.. I got a new zoom and a new wide. The wide will take some getting used to, it's not my style of photo. But enjoy some shots

I'll just put this here. I got two new lenses and I'm super excited to try them out. It is also super late and I'm tired.

So much to do, so little time to post.

On my way home today we had such sunshine and pretty birds all around. An hour later when I got out with my camera we had clouds and a light wind.. Still got some birds 📷😊🐦

Weekend selfie (ec) 

Chought myself in the mirror dping my hair today.

vaccines (positive) 

I am, as of now, oficcially done vaccinating. Obviously vaccinations continue. But the group I've been vaccinating are done 🥳🥳

selfie, ec (but with sunglasses) 

Selfies from a playground today.

My new jacket is apparently a parka. And I didn't really know what that was until today but I have a distinct memory of rachel defending them to ross as cooler than dinosaurs.

Today I saw the first flowers of spring. But they were in someones garden. (we've been out vaccinating all day)

Instead you get this beautiful bit of soon to be flower.

spring, selfie ec 

The ground still shows the remauns of winter but there's a definitive spring feel in the air.


This weeks is a screenshot from waiting to connect to a video call. Because why not 🤷‍♀️


We had planned on tacos as a late dinner for last night. But it turned out to be too late for a full meal.. So we decided on breakfast instead.. This is very early for cooked .


Today Ebba said "You've got something white on your shoulder" Turns out it was my frozen hair, I don't know how this happened because my hair was very dry when we left for school/work this morning. -13 C° and a beautiful sky today.

food, cookies 

I bought pre made gingerbread dough around christmas and it's about to go bad soon.. But I've got no time for baking today..

No time no problem!

Remember last when I said these two were hanging out outside my house. I saw them the other day again but scared them away by gwtting my camera so today I snapped a few quick shots on my phone instead.. Welcome back little friends.

I saw this bird the other day. It hopped really close to me. I couldn't help but think of the birdwatchers of masto 😊

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