I cant't possibly do them all in one sitting, so I just dicided to pull ten bottles and start at the beginning.

I've swatched a bunch of inks and found a few old favourites. Some inks I remember as very similar are actually a bit different.

Ten down, a bunch to go 🙂

I made a little sleeve/box for them to be able to stand up. I'm looking forward to getting a better grasp of the inks I have.

But to be honest I've had as much fun designing and making the swatch cards. Now I'm done for today, actually done.

I made some extra cards from a sturdier gold coloured cardboard and a thicker black plastic. Now I'm at least done cutting for today. And I have enough swatch cards to last me a good long while.

I got around 185 cards from this dotbook that was originally an accidental purchase. I have somewhere between 50 and 60 inks so this will last me a good long while.

Me making swatch cards: "is this a bit much?"

Also me making swatch cards: "can't be too much, I'm having fun still"

picture of coffee and chocolate 

Local shop serves a piece of chocolate with their coffee.. Surprisingly for everyone 👍

vegan food 

Extravagant .

Cooked food on doubble toast. Eaten early enough to count as a late friday breakfast, but late enough to count as a light lunch. This way I don't have yo eat twice. That's the brain move 😉

If I had realized it was the start of I might have made an effort to get these out yesterday.

This is the item I picked up yesterday. A

I've never had a piston filling pen before because they seem like a lot of effort to clean, but I've been eying this for over a year, maybe it'll be worth the cleaning. Feels great to write with.


Went for a walk yesterday. Right now I'm in laundry mode for the morning, and then some coffee ☕

You know what I've been missing over the last year or so? 


I used to have a rainbow coloured one I got from work, but haven't used one in about a year and a half. They fell out of fashion at work because they can't really be disinfected, and I still wouldn't put one on my work keys. But to be fair I don't really disinfect my keys anyway..

I threw together these two while I still had the sewingmachine out from yesterday.

weekend selfie 

We're heading out for an evening walk to a playground, with the bag I made a couple of months ago, to match the new one.

sewing, but also an ice cream picture with eye contact 

I got up early today, so by 10 it felt like past noon.

I got started on another bag today and this one's for Ebba. Meaning I can rope her in to being my assistant.. Right now we're on brake though, assistants need brakes, right? 😉

This will do for weekend selfies too 🙂


Almost time to eat. This is such a pretty food.

food (vegan) 

Lunchtime! Some scrambled tofu 🙂

That thing where you notice you misspelled or keyslipped something because you re-read it again when someone interracts with your toot.

I just call it owning your mistakes..

(I promise this will get old soon)

I have more than a few things to say about this new thing already. Most of it positive and some of it strange to me. The differense between wearOS on the new one and tizen on the old one threw me off for a bit but it's not better or worse yet.

A main advantage is the all the bands I've got over the past year and some fit both of them. I swap out all the time.

Also I got the bigger size this time. I was a bit scared of it being too big last time but I had no hessitation this time.

I got a new wrist-computer and it wanted me to make an avatar so now you can all look forward to this new type of content.

Honestly It's just very silly and you'll likely not see this type of content from me again 🤷‍♀️ But it's the fun kind of silly 🤣

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