This is the kind of battery talk I like to find in my phone menu. Some of it is marketing of course, but still...

I found this drilled out piece of key the other day and now I'm marveling at the power of my camera.

I have a keysmart and it's really nice. But having just changed my bike lock I needed to flatten a new key by removing the plastic. The design of this key is definately different from my last.

Yes, those are sawmarks 🙂

I'm a bit bored. I'm on my third day home now with Ebba sick. Today is apparently finally-switch-back-to-a-better-browser-day..

Home from work today. Kid has a fever. I got some time however to make bread 😄

After this batch I'll make another one. Because I want raisins and sunflower seeds, The rest of the household doesn't 🤷

watery food 

I ran out of ink in this today. It is a lovely pen but I don't think I'll refill it for now. I'll carefully store it for the .


There are no selfies tonight, but this awesome slow-mo instead.

There is about an hour and a half left of the 2010's here, they were okay. Let's have the 20's be better!

(they were also at times awesome, my only child was born in the 10's, she's amazing!)

I used some.. uhm ..extra tools to open this. I'm pretty sure I can't close it again now 🤔

I made bread. Late night baking is great. Breakfast will be even better 🥖🙂

My daughter tried out a new ink but didn't really like it. So I'm just trying it a buch before we change her up for something else.. Readability is really low with this but it's super sparkly!

gold star

sweet green pea soup 

christmas selfie EC 

Even cooler: My new kettle is made of glass and I will now try to share a slow motion clip of water boiling 🌊


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