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I got a new in the mail today but it had to charge until six, so naturally by eight I had walked 10000 ..

Ebba's asleep and I'm about to be too soon. Right now i'm doing some more sock though.

Half regretting this colour but I'm too far in now..


It's that time of the year again.. I've begun a pair of .

I'm working at the hospital today. Getting 8th-graders interested in healthcare. It's not my usual job but fun nevertheless. This is my view for today. One morning shot and then an afternoon shot

I was super happy with my old flashlight, and pretty upset with myself when I lost it. I lost it in spring and have been looking on and off since then. But now it's darker out again and I need one.

I'm fully counting on finding it again now that I've replaced it. At least the replacement is rechargable, so that's something 🔦🤷‍♀️

played some disc golf today. Nothing on the course or anything, just throwing some discs against the basket with Ebba. She's so fun 🥏

Here's my short swedish review of the rotring 800.

I just wrote for the first time with a rotring 800..

There is some hype around it and I definitely get the hype. It's a great mechanical pencil, but it's not world changing.


Ebbas bike has a flat tire so we took the bus to work today, got this city pic..

Took a detour to the store today. Got to see this beautiful sunset. A good slow bike ride 🚴‍♀️

bought some notepads from a shop. This is the note they sent with the order. Kind of sets the tone, doesn't it. 📔📒✒️🗡️

Just leaving work for the day. Had a little friend on my bag 🙂

I clicked random on emojipedia ans now I feel old 😳

But I guess browsing emojipedia puts me on that category by default anyway 🤔


Just got home from shopping, resting from a busy morning. Soon there'll be !

home improvement:

My desk has had power sockets attached to it since forever. But now I'm putting them on my kitchen table too. I bought a sugru equivalent and stuck them on there. Tomorrow I'll take of the clamps.

No more cables laying around on the floor 👍🔌

I had some trouble getting this. The store sent the wrong pen and I've been waiting all week now for this..

My new limited edition Lamy studio finally arrived, I've been waiting this since I first saw it early in the summer.

I've done a whole days worth of housework and it's only 9.30. What should I do with the rest of today, chill?

My table looks so fall cozy.

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