It's getting to that time of year where it's just worth carrying your camera around all the time. Nature is so nice here now!

Det börjar bli den tiden på året nu när det helt enkelt är värt att bära kameran med sig hela tiden. Naturen är så vacker här nu!

start of the week #Selfies (ec) 

we've been out and about today. Got some of the best shots in a while of Ebba, but I obv. can't post those. You'll have to make do with me instead.

Maybe one of these can be my new profile pic.

You know what I've been missing over the last year or so? 


I used to have a rainbow coloured one I got from work, but haven't used one in about a year and a half. They fell out of fashion at work because they can't really be disinfected, and I still wouldn't put one on my work keys. But to be fair I don't really disinfect my keys anyway..

I threw together these two while I still had the sewingmachine out from yesterday.

bird pics 

I like how this series of four images tells the story of a bird (gull) walking in frame, noticing us, coming a bit closer and then walking away like it was nobodys bussiness why. Taken this .

weekend selfies (ec) 

on the wide lens with my

I don't know how my bedroom ended up looking this bright. It's really dark in most shots and I didn't change anything about the lighting 🤔🤷‍♀️

weekend selfies 

The first time in a long time I've taken selfies without remote shutter. This lens i so wide.

weekend selfies, ec. 

Other new lens, who other dis?

Seriously though.. I got a new zoom and a new wide. The wide will take some getting used to, it's not my style of photo. But enjoy some shots

selfie, ec (but with sunglasses) 

Selfies from a playground today.

My new jacket is apparently a parka. And I didn't really know what that was until today but I have a distinct memory of rachel defending them to ross as cooler than dinosaurs.

weekend selfie (ec) 

Part of the project is me just getting used to liking how I look. I try to post most weekends mostly to not only post when I look good.

This weeks theme is "look at that gigant forehead!" also known as, "braids always look better from day three.." theese are just an hour old

Ebba wanted to play but I said it was too close to bedtime. I did however promise her to set it up for tomorrow morning. I even set our mascots up next to our colour matching phonecases, playpieces and glasses. I'm feeling like super mom right now.

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