This summer when I got a couple of new pens I just "had to" ink them up right away instead of waiting for some of the others to run out first. Tonight it was finally cleaning day and let's just say not all of these are getting inked back up right away.

This is probably the first time since I got it in 2019 I'm not imidiately re-inking the aquamarine Lamy Studio, what a great pen the Studio is!

Not in frame: the couple of pens that haven't run out of ink yet..

This weekend I've started my 11:th leuchtturm1917.

That means some how I've written a page every day for ten books now. I'm a bit surprised at that myself.

That's since before the pandemic 🤔 was there time back then?

If you listen to the , but not every episode I can recommend you give the last one a listen. I heard it yesterday and there's a kind of political segment that really says something about the hosts. I like them more now..

I got several new inks back in march and had been looking for a nice orange. Wrote the last of my brass sport last night and filled it up with "peach haze" today. A soft orange, very nice so far.

Jag skaffade flera nya bläck i mars och letade speciellt efter en bra orange. Igår skrev jag slut min sport i mässing och idag fyllde jag den med "peach haze". En dämpat orange färg, väldigt härlig hittills.

I got a compliment on a pen at work. Someome needed a "black ballpoint" and I was like.. I have a black pen 🙂 Not a ballpoint but its black ink and waterproof..

The response turned out to be "ooh, how fancy, are you sure I can borrow this, do they even make fountain pens any more.."

these are the random fountain pen moments 🖋 (it was my old workhorse the lamy studio)

I got the tiny pen to try something. Most of my pens the last little while has been heavy metal pens and going back to a couple of plastic/resin pens I had just wasn't it right now..

But is it that I mostly like metal pens right now, or mostly heavier pens. This very light metal pen might help answer (it's like 9g.)

In case you were wondering what it looks like to transition from purple to red ink when you cleaned and filled the converter but not the nib or feed.

The camera doesn't do them justice but it'll be one of these 🙂

I ran out of ink in my lamy 2000 yesterday and was going to clean it out today but decided to stay up a little bit later last night to do it.

This means my pen is dry already and I can fill it up before work. If I can only choose an ink 🤔

I'm in a light blue mood..

I made a little sleeve/box for them to be able to stand up. I'm looking forward to getting a better grasp of the inks I have.

But to be honest I've had as much fun designing and making the swatch cards. Now I'm done for today, actually done.

Me making swatch cards: "is this a bit much?"

Also me making swatch cards: "can't be too much, I'm having fun still"

If I had realized it was the start of I might have made an effort to get these out yesterday.

This is the item I picked up yesterday. A

I've never had a piston filling pen before because they seem like a lot of effort to clean, but I've been eying this for over a year, maybe it'll be worth the cleaning. Feels great to write with.


One of these notebooks last me about three months. Today I started a new one and I didn't realise this when I bought it but the colour reminds me a lot of my grandmother..

Got inspired and filled my up with ink the other day. It's not my favourite pen, but still nice 🖋🙂

I didn't much care for this years studio. It was revealed a few weeks ago now and still hasn't managed to get me hooked. It's a great pen, just not my colour..

I'd love to hear what some of the other fountainpen folks on here think. I think some of you would like the more muted colour..

I started today off with an appointment at the . They had a twsbi in their pocket. I couldn't help but notice. We had a nice chat about that.

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