In preparation for a trip to a pen store I did a little roundup of my current inks. I thought it might help me choose what to buy if I get a better sense of what I have.

I'd say I'm pretty spread out on colour, but I should probably try more than one brand 🤣 (in fairness I have four).
Also: Why don't I have any inks whos name start with "O"?

Yes, this is the kind of organisational nerd I am.

Also, I just restocked my pencase with some of my favourite paper clips. Now I'm ready for summer! ☀️🐧🚲☀️😊

When did change up their first page. The book on the left is new and the one on the right was bought at the end of winter this year..

I don't know what to think about this. But I don't use that page anyway so maybe it doesn't matter.

I got some new pens, notepads and inks today 🙂 I now have five lama safari fountains each with a different ink 👍

Inks not featured.

Got home from work and found these pretty things. I'm just gonna play with them a little tonight. I have to get up to work early tomorrow.

I just added a markdown extension to my favourite note taking app. I'm so happy now is a bit of a play on words lost in translation. Hosted by two nerds from sweden but most posts are in english on here. We're a small instance with an active federated timeline. We'd love to have you on, but you should expect us to say hi, and to ask who you are 😉 The server is very active, but small.