This summer when I got a couple of new pens I just "had to" ink them up right away instead of waiting for some of the others to run out first. Tonight it was finally cleaning day and let's just say not all of these are getting inked back up right away.

This is probably the first time since I got it in 2019 I'm not imidiately re-inking the aquamarine Lamy Studio, what a great pen the Studio is!

Not in frame: the couple of pens that haven't run out of ink yet..

You all know how I like my spiral bound notepads. A little while ago I turned one of them in to my calendar and now that I've deemed this experiment successfull I decided to add some decoration. It looks a bit industrial I think. I like it 📒🗓 👍

This weekend I've started my 11:th leuchtturm1917.

That means some how I've written a page every day for ten books now. I'm a bit surprised at that myself.

That's since before the pandemic 🤔 was there time back then?

Also, I just restocked my pencase with some of my favourite paper clips. Now I'm ready for summer! ☀️🐧🚲☀️😊

Today is stationary day 😊

I spent lunch cleaning and filling three pens (not entirely the same pens)

I've got a new ink in an old pen and an old ink in a new pen. Plus I got to take out a new notebook/pad because I finished my old one. It doesn't get better than this.

På lunchen idag fyllde jag en ny penna med ett gammalt bläck och en gammal penna med ett nytt bläck, plus att jag börjat på ett nytt block. Blir det bättre än så? Nej! 😊

I got several new inks back in march and had been looking for a nice orange. Wrote the last of my brass sport last night and filled it up with "peach haze" today. A soft orange, very nice so far.

Jag skaffade flera nya bläck i mars och letade speciellt efter en bra orange. Igår skrev jag slut min sport i mässing och idag fyllde jag den med "peach haze". En dämpat orange färg, väldigt härlig hittills.

I just ordered new notebooks and didn't even look at the section. I consider this a feat of strength!

When did change up their first page. The book on the left is new and the one on the right was bought at the end of winter this year..

I don't know what to think about this. But I don't use that page anyway so maybe it doesn't matter.

Finally ran out or diamine soft mint and got some help filling up with .

To be fair it's really similar, but I still like it a lot. Fits me just fine.

I've been looking at this pen case for a long time but didn't want to import. Now I found it in a store here in sweden, so I didn't have to.

Also found theese adorable paper clips. Both of them feel very me.

Update: I found it.. It's not that great..

It was cheap enough that it was worth to try but I would not recommend filofax. The holes are all wrong for a regular spiral bound..

Pictured is the filofax ruler insert thingie. As it was, then cut to fit in my notepad, then in my notepad.. (the rhodia dotpad A5 for those who want to know)

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Hey! nerds!

Have you got any hot tips for rulers (or just a straight edge) that will fit in most spiral bounds? Kind of like the picture but not somehow flimsy and bulky at the same time 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

I remember filofax used to have something like this 🤔

My daughter tried out a new ink but didn't really like it. So I'm just trying it a buch before we change her up for something else.. Readability is really low with this but it's super sparkly!

gold star

Finally. I cleaned these out so long ago.

But to be fair I only use all my colours in certain situations. I mostly use a few pens and the reason I filled all of them up now is that my regulars were running low.

I just wrote for the first time with a rotring 800..

There is some hype around it and I definitely get the hype. It's a great mechanical pencil, but it's not world changing.


bought some notepads from a shop. This is the note they sent with the order. Kind of sets the tone, doesn't it. 📔📒✒️🗡️

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