I just wrote for the first time with a rotring 800..

There is some hype around it and I definitely get the hype. It's a great mechanical pencil, but it's not world changing.


bought some notepads from a shop. This is the note they sent with the order. Kind of sets the tone, doesn't it. 📔📒✒️🗡️

I had some trouble getting this. The store sent the wrong pen and I've been waiting all week now for this..

My new limited edition Lamy studio finally arrived, I've been waiting this since I first saw it early in the summer.

analog/digital calendar (3/3)

I'm honestly not at all sure I could manage going back on paper. Digital has many advantages, but paper has some good ones too. I'm hoping to set it up over the weekend and at least try it out. Maybe I'll end up splitting and having work digital and private analog 🤷

Analog/digital calendar (1/?)

I'm pretty excited, but also a bit conflicted..

I got a paper calendar today and I haven't had one for quite a few years. Some say it's easier to remember appointments if you write them down and not just type them in. But I also like my phone knowing when I'm at work so it can enter do-not-disturb all on its own..

I got some new pens, notepads and inks today 🙂 I now have five lama safari fountains each with a different ink 👍

Inks not featured.

Maybe don't drink this, because it's ink. But it looks like it'd taste great, sadly moss green on paper. This is really dilutet.


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