@franciecashman Late to the party but I gave one of the pictures to my google assistant and it said Solanum ferox. Wikipedia says that's either "Indian nightshade" or "Hairy fruited eggplant"..

bought some notepads from a shop. This is the note they sent with the order. Kind of sets the tone, doesn't it. 📔📒✒️🗡️

I unregistered from ello. I've been getting so much spam in the last few weeks.

"some rando liked your only post, from around 2015." 🙄🙄🤷‍♀️

Just leaving work for the day. Had a little friend on my bag 🙂


I clicked random on emojipedia ans now I feel old 😳

But I guess browsing emojipedia puts me on that category by default anyway 🤔

I just had the weirdest dream. We were going by submarine across the Atlantic. We were going to push some button and then go back. The whole dream revolved around packing our bags and deciding what we needed to bring..

Turns out we didn't need shelves to decorate with but water bottles were recommended ..


@emelie Jag vet ingenting om dem, men fackförbund är generellt bra 👍

@emelie what union is that? I don't recognise them..


home improvement:

My desk has had power sockets attached to it since forever. But now I'm putting them on my kitchen table too. I bought a sugru equivalent and stuck them on there. Tomorrow I'll take of the clamps.

No more cables laying around on the floor 👍🔌

Trying to prepare for tomorrow. Instead I'm looking at stationery online and browsing the fediverse..

@franciecashman Promise you'll visit when you come 🙋‍♀️

@Gargron @akarshanbiswas is that five accounts local, or five accounts that your instance federates?

@haagen it's a cartridge/converter, so I use bottled ink 🙂

@franciecashman it was. And I'm starting a new habit with my new work. Bringing food to work. So I'll get to eat it again 🥣👍🙂

@haagen It really is. I've been fangirling about this for several months.

I don't think I'll need another pen for a good while.

I had some trouble getting this. The store sent the wrong pen and I've been waiting all week now for this..

My new limited edition Lamy studio finally arrived, I've been waiting this since I first saw it early in the summer.

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