@scully @deneb I've seen you around. You seem nice, I guess I'm just not having a great day with my phone 🤔

advice is great. I mean, it's usually better when asked for, but still usually good.

In my mind your comment read like I don't know how to send things over the internet, but I guess you didn't mean it like that 👍

@scully @deneb Yeah, I'm not registering with a third party and uploading to some random server just to send a file to a friend. At that point I might as well use email, or ask what IM they prefer.. Or even upload and link to my own server 🤷‍♀️


@deneb Sounds like a great day 😊👍

@deneb Wish I could show you, I have a video but it's too large for mastodon..

I feel like this should be something I made up since I've been thinking of replacing this.. But it's not.

It restarted after a couple of minutes.. It's been going for almost an hour now 😓

I have turned the volume down to 0 får notifications. Not ideal.

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Restart fixed it, but that's not the kind of fix I like.. Doesn't explain it 🤔 😕

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My phone is having some kind of breakdown, I'm not even kidding. It's throwing notification sounds like nobodys bussines. But there are no notifications..

This is to the point where Ebba said "make it stop" and "shut it up"

I know it's a notification because the notification volume slider is the only way to shut it up right now..


@compostablespork I couldn't imagine being tatooed at 1am. Here in europe-land we're just going about our sundays.

@deneb Sometimes it feels expensive and enviromentally wasteful.. But I've come to pick my battles, somehow 😉🤷‍♀️

@deneb If we both get new phones we can be phone buddies 😊

@deneb I wish I had the patience for that. Every few years I face the question "is my phone usable?" "Do I need a new one?"

And I always end up reasoning my phone is definately usable, but it requires me to put up with the drawbacks, mostly the charging. And the question becomes "Am I willing to put up with the drawbacks for something I use this much every day?"

It becomes a quality of life question. But it's hard to judge the value sometimes of money to QoL.. 🤔

@deneb Mine isn't that bad but some days over the last few weeks when I get home from work I've been on around 10% and that's way too little.. Many days though I'm still on 20 something.. Still way too little when I haven't used it all day at work..

@alex @deneb I just saw this and in my head went "hmm.. No.. Did I.. Did I miss a month, has february already been?? No, it can't be 3.14 yet 🤔"

Went to the store today and stumbled on the new phones samsung made. They were on display so naturally I "tried" them by opening thw browser and going to joinmastodon.org on every single one of them.

To be fair though, they look really good and I need/want a new phone soon..

@Juju some mastodon clients are scriptable, but that's getting close to bot/spam territory. I don't know of any way to do it built in to mastodon 🤔

I've got vinyl sticker printer paper. Made some test stickers. I don't know yet how they handle water or weather, but this might be the best way to get stickers 😊

Making lunch for tomorrow. Don't know what yet 😊🤔

It's just as dark out this morning. But not as cold 🤷‍♀️

@compostablespork We had such a fun day. We got the first snow of this winter earlier in the week so this was the first weekend of it, where we could really get out in to it 😄

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