Yesterday I was fiddeling around with this little thing in a meeting. I never even realised I put it on my forehead but I must have walked around like this all night 🤦‍♀️

If I knew about it atleast I could have owned it or removed it but oh, well.. 🤷‍♀️

OH NO! She's almost spoted them. They were standing so still, how did she find them??

I'm obviously in a silly mood tonight. And to be fair frenchfry has a pretty good vantagepoint from up there..

@mdsh2285 Us old folks are always here to help. Welcome to the fediverse! 👍

@mdsh2285 You can easily find any one you already know by entering their full @user@server.tld

You're right that your local TL shows every user on your instance. But your federated TL shows every toot that your instance knows of (every user that anyone on your instance follows) That will get you pretty far. And you're on .social too so that will get you very far out in the fediverse. That's all searchable through the main search on your instance 👍

@mdsh2285 well, that's kind of the point. instances are separate. You can still follow and interact with anyone across the fediverse. But some instance will have to host your content 🤷‍♀️

Every one seem to be posting pictures of their cats. Here's my contribution. Her name is frenchfry and she's up to no good. I keep having to rescue the moomins from her.

@franciecashman I thought I had random people comenting on my selfies, but now that I looked closer it was DMs..

I'm hoping to finish this today. Not really sure how that will go.

Best parenting trick:
"mom, can you help me find my pens"

*Proceeds to help her clean her room*

If you think shopping for clothes online is a horrible experience you should try buying swimwear for a 6yo.. Sizing is a horrible mess 😓

@Tusky there is however a verified links feature that fills a similar function. You can prove control of a website or domain. If you trust that domain you can trust the account. Or this can be used to link your account to accounts on other services if you verify a page of links to other accounts..

@franciecashman I remember there being some controversy (read: tabloid drama) a while back about the LHC possibly accidentaly creating a black hole. But we've already proven that a modest home can contain one pretty well so I don't know what all the fuzz was about 🤷‍♀️

@franciecashman periodically. She'll get really excited about a nice pen and choosing inks. But right now they're lost in the black hole that is her bedroom..

Imagine this perfect morning:
You've been up early doing the laundry
You've spent some time cleaning up in the kitchen
You sit down with your kid for a proper, long, breakfast
There's tea and toast
You both help with writing a to-do-list for the weekend.

Today I bought fancy and then I did a proper clean of my coffee grinder. I feel like such a hipster. But it sure does taste good.

@Gargron are you saying Athens is built for bikes?

school, finishing 

school, finishing 

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