Gosh darned..

8 years or somewhere there around I've had this on my bike. Never took it off once and now somebody stole my cyclometer..

It's not even like a quick act of vandalism, they took the cables, the mount and everything..

Bloody bastards... except you know.. They're probably not bloody and I don't know anything about their parents marital status..

In the kingdom of pomme: Two teams of seekers set out on a quest to win todays big games.

@metagrrrl I used to be so much better with meditation. Thanks for reminding me 🙂

Today was my first day back at work after vacation. It was decent. I have tomorrow off 🤷

I actually took the extra seat off of my bike last night. Ebba can ride her own bike now and I will enjoy having mine back 🚲

This is todays . Made a hot pasta salad. Sweet and juicy is how it turned out.

Pasta, Pineapple, apple, chickpeas and beetroot. 🍴 👍

nobuy fail 

I spent the entire day yesterday at a themepark and all you get is this silly faced

nobuy fail 

Two hours passed.
Rain came.
I rode home in it.

Just as I wrote that last toot I heard thunder. I'll probably stay a little while longer and then ride home in the rain, when it comes 🙂

A thirty minute ride and a . One of the best things to do with a day off.. Also, I brought coffee.


@emelie @haagen These are the good kind of dragons too. I recently renamed my wifi for one of them :)

Good point!

@haagen If you find earthsea translated as e-books please tell me. I'd pay good money for that, I've only seen them in paper. My kid is six, she's too young, but nine should be good.

If I'd compare them to something else they're a bit like HP. Young boy stumbles into magic school, then has adventures.. Also the first books are for younger kids than the later ones. That's where the similarities end, other than that they're just better!

what do you think @emelie ?

I got a today. Well I got it on my birthday, but we put it together today. Came out super nice, so pretty.

@haagen @emelie If you have kids, read the Earthsea books with them, otherwise one of my favourites is the left hand of darkness. It's part of her loosely connected hainish cycle and one of her earlier classics.

There are so many good ones, you really can't go wrong. But I do wish I had experienced the Earthsea cycle as a kid. I was young adult by the time I stumbled over them. That's where I started with Le Guin.

When I got my first own router I named my wifi Mahatma, meaning great soul (according to wikipedia at the time).

I've changed apartments a couple of times, changed routers too but it always felt like the same network so I didn't change the SSID. Same network, same name, right..

This week I got a mesh router system and this can not be said to be the same network.

I have dubbed it Kalessin, after a great soul.

Those were some fun forty-ich minutes. I'm not gonna write an image description for every image, they're mostly the same. It's a wooden puzzle in different states of solve. First the smaller pieces came together to bigger pieces. Then the bigger pieces combined even more and when I began seeing really big pieces with a slight curve to their edge they all just kind of fell in the frame. Great birthday present.

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