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Got home from work and found these pretty things. I'm just gonna play with them a little tonight. I have to get up to work early tomorrow.

@machi sorry to have to tell you this but..

I'm not a dog. that degree doesn't apply to me 🤷

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@machi hah, I love my hair, you can't i prove this!

That's 200 toots on this instance. I'll stop counting now until I reach another milestone

I want my 200:th toot to be This is from a few days ago 👍✌️

Ebba insisted on stopping on our way to work and taking pictures of these. They're pretty I guess.

Here's a tree from today. We've got a few flowery weeks ahead of us now :)

Getting your kids to clean their room is a lot of hard work. I accidentally bribed mine and it's still a lot of work and hand holding..

nice .
Even my kid ate like she was hungry, which she wasn't.

@fenomenologen endel kallar det ett skämt, endel kallar det en konspiration vissa kallar det kapitalism 🤷

I think this counts as a form of nesting. It's spring time right?

I'm thinking of a sticker theme for my laptop. I've got some stuff I want on that thing! But I also definitely want to plan it out better than last time..

Discovery of the day. My kid can write.. When did she learn this? Tonight 🤷

I haven't been to work in about a week. But today is the day. I got up at 4.30 to get ready for this.

Wait, 4.30 doesn't usually feel this early 🤔

Kid and I prepping for this weekend. We both pack a paper egg full of sweets, then I hide hers and she hides mine. We'll look for them on saturday. Those are the rules she told me so that's how we'll do it.

We didn't eat a single piece today, we're so good at this 🍬✌️

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