Finally some snow. We've been preparing for all day. Was met with this at the end of it. I'm so happy now 😀

Apparently I'm the kind of person who gets passionate about keybards now.. Who knew, I was such a nerd. Show more

I just swapped on my . I love googles keyboard, it's really good in many ways. Not least it's ease of use for stuff like emojis.

But gosh darn! It sucks for not having a ctrl-key. Not even hidden in menus. Most apps have good support for shortcuts like ctrl-a/z/x/c/v.. Googles keyboard even has arrowkeys (way hidden, but at least they exist), why wouldn't they ad ctrl?

I'm gonna be typing all slow and funny now for days -_-' Maybe I should just become a keyboard swapper.

Kid wants to colour random pictures from online. Sure, I'll join 🤷

Having a printer is the best!

I'm home with a feverish kid. Slept on the sofa tonight so as to not wake her when she had finally fallen asleep on top of me..

Having woken up early I've already gotten to the making lunch part of today. I'm also looking at pen cases, that seems to be todays thing, if yesterday was erasers..

Monday: The best day so far this week. 🙂

I've been at work since 6.30 and I'm not even really tired today. I guess I fell asleep early last night ✌️

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sometimes, self care is Not “treating yourself”

sometimes self care means saving your money or energy or time

don’t let capitalism fool you into thinking you have to buy things to feel better / that it’s the only way to care for yourself

@franciecashman I can't seem to get a link for the specific colour but it's this at least. It's even prettier in person.

So.. This happened yesterday. I've only just started on the next one but I want it finished by wednesday. I'm not sure I'll find the time but I'll try!

Work weekends give little time for 🧦🧶

Look what I wore today! It's my not-winter-shoes..

I just won at a game. The kid and I are preparing for , the best convention in ..

I'm in charge of kids games. Gonna be a fun weekend of showing of good games to kids and parents who don't know anything but memory (witch is fun, but not really a good game imo)

I've been playing new super mario again. Can't really say I have the time for it. But I guess that's why I'm going to bed at midnight tonight. Still feels worth it though. When you get to the next save spot and you realise you've been lost in the flow of the game.

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@distel Beautiful stories, wish someone with a different style would have written them 🤷

When you wake up at 03.25 and decide it's too early even for you so you try to fall asleep again, but at 04 you just have to decide on maybe getting up and making coffee instead. I'll try and lie down until 04.30 but I am wide awake..

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