Also: I think I mentioned in another post a while ago. Some one was wondering about support. The Android app has been updated and is far less buggy, still not fully featured but with a much better UI 🙂

parent post too long, swedish below..

Jag *behöver* inte en personlig kopp på kontoret. Men några av mina kollegor har egen kopp och jag vill unte ha dåligt samvete varje gång jag inte sätter min kopp i diskmaskinen bara för jag tänker att jag kan ha den nästa dag igen.. Jag satte lite text på den här blåmeskoppen 🐦🙂

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I don't *need* a personalised cup for the office. But some of my collegues brought their own mugs and I don't wanna feel bad every time I don't put mine in the dishwasher just because I can use it the next day again.. Decided to put some text on this blue tit cup 🐦🙂

Question about Eurovision voting 

@Juju Always happy to help 😁😊

I was surprised the official esc website didn't have this easily available.. I don't kniw what affiliation this site has but it seemed slightly unofficial at first glance 🤷‍♀️

Question about Eurovision voting 

@Juju I think this is a breakdown of who voted what. It's not the best layed out but I think it's all there..

Thinking about . Don't know if I'll watch because it's very late but it could be fun maybe 😊🎵🎶

Funderar på . Vet inte om jag kommer kolla för det är väldigt sent men det kunde vara kul kanske 😊🎵🎶

I remember thinking my last printer was big. Now look at this monster!!😳

You should have seen the box it came in, it was huge 🙃

When you order something around the beginning of March and it gets delayed and delayed again and again but then shows up in the middle of May!

När du beställt någonting i början av mars som blir försenat och försenat igen och igen men så dyker det upp i mitten av maj!

Media hidden for cartoon eye contact..

I was gonna make a tech post but decided not too 🤷‍♀️ Maybe some other time..

Jag tänkte skriva någon om teknik men ångrade mig 🤷‍♀️ Kanske en annan gång..

@deneb totally didn't, then read this, then did. 😊

Taking a train ride later today and I think I'm gonna try and convert 3 non gamers. I've brought loveletter, that's a nice casual game, right?

Ska åka tåg senare idag och jag tänker försöka omvä da tre ickespelare. Jag har loveletters med mig, det är ett lätt småspel, väl?


Mediocre food with a good book is still a good .

Medioker mat och en god bok är ändå en bra frukost.

Went for a walk in another city today.

Tog en prommenad i en främmande stad idag.

Stayed up way too late last night making this, but it was probably worth it. Today I'm 12000(!!) days and I'm bringing the fika

Var vaken alldeles för sent igårkväll och fixade med detta, men ddt vsr nog värt det. Idag är jag 12000(!!) dagar och jag tar fika med mig.

Media blurred because foodpic

Waking up for a monday morning of cold, clear, fresh air. Trying to figure out what the soundtrack is for today 🤔

Vaknar upp till en måndag morgon men kall, klar, frisk luft. Försöker lista ut vad dagens soundtrack är..

My local bikeshop did a bit of a hack-fix on my kickstand about a year ago and I've been tightening the screw that holds it about once a week since.

Today I replaced the "bad" screw with a shorter one so I could screw it in from the other direction but in replacing it I realised its sister-screw was bent wonky and out of shape so now the bike has even more of that hack-fix, but hopefully I don't have to redo it all the time..

This was hard to explain.

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