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I found the needle. It was in my backpack, must have fallen in. No idea how. But I've been carrying it around all day apparently and by some lucky happenstance it's not even broken.

I feel a little bit like an idiot, but also I'm just happy I found it.
will commence tomorrow. It's time for bed now.

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What is the difference between USA and USB? 

Uhmm.. I just realised I've lost one of my needles. From an ongoing project! How does that even happen? It was sitting right here on the table yesterday. And it still is, the whole project, except for one of the needles?!?

Gonna have to do a proper search later but needless (pun noticed) to say I'm not gonna be bringing it today..

Getting ready for today's meetings. Feeling good.

Today I am a random stranger answering random questions, just scrolling federated..

I realise it would suck more to be looking for a job without one.. It's just whit the small amout of free time I have I'd rather spend it with my kid than in front of a computer..

I can't really say I've done nothing today. I've done plenty. It's just I've still got stuff I'm trying not to put off..

Job hunting sucks, especially when you've already got a job you like. It's so easy to say I'll do that tomorrow and not really feel the preassure..

I just read 115 pages of dry political text, and enjoyed it. I'm a strange kind of person, I guess 🤔

long rant about otitis 

Home made burgers with store bought bread. The perfect sweetspot of effort to taste.

I can't really decide on what images to put CW on.. This time I genuinely forgot.. Maybe even I would have put one on this.. 🤷

time. Got some great inspiration today. My daughter has had her 2000:th day today, so we've been out and about and I even put on proper makeup.

Now we're making burgers and gonna hava a night home. There might be food pictures later 🍔🍟

I'm starting to come to terms with having lost my two best pairs of socks.. Today might be yarn buying day. But I told kid I'd knit her a scarf and I have no scarf hype 😑 🧣

Maybe I should just get through the scarf as fast as possible so that I can make new socks.. I really need socks 🧦

You know it's a three day weekend when you're painting your nails.

I fell yesterday and am a bit hurt. But the weekend is still right around the corner here. Weekend off is gonna be a good way to rest my body 🙂🤕

Power's out. They're doing maintenance work in my building. The hallways have no windows so it is truly dark. True dark is something we don't see nearly enough of. Even in the middle of the night with our lights of city life doesn't give us dark..

I enjoy a little bit of dark every now and then 🙂

Don't know why I decided to weigh in on that. I know nothing about advertising 🤷

When sharing an image from andoids share-menu, how do I choose which of two accounts it shares to?

Mostly I just wanna dubble check, but there is no real indication when they have the same profile picture, and no way to switch anyhow?

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