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Look at this image of spring. We're having a great beautiful day today!

I just ran updates on my old computer. Possibly for the last time. Feels a bit like loosing an old friend, but maybe we'll meet again some day. Maybe in a couple of months it'll be my daughters first computer. I mean, I'm not planing on it, but you never know 🤷

Owning a ThinkPad is something that feels a bit strange and magical. I don't know why but it's just one of those brands that has a certain feel to them. I can often say I don't care what shoes or jacket you wear but please tell me why you have the computer you do..

a few first impressions in swedish:

It takes a good long while to get set up with a new computer. But having well organised backups of important files ready for import helps tremendously.

They say isn't a backup utility and they're probably right. But in this case it has been an amazing tool. 10/10 recommend!

Hi 👋 . This is me saying hi from my new laptop. It still needs a lot of settings done so I'm gonna try and be nice to it. We're gonna have so much fun.

Servicenämnd idag. Vi ligger före tidsplanen, oväntat. Känns bra att inte ligga efter i ett möte 👍

Just got home from work a little while ago. Time for some home office work before bed :)

I've made a little over 150 toots in a little over 60 days. All in all it seems that I use my new instance just like the old one. Switching has been a success. (shout out @mastohost )

The equinox is in a few minutes. I have to get to bed. I'll see you all on the other side.

Visiting a building site for a new hospital building. This is going to be a great place when it's finished. A big part of politics is meeting staff and professionals to get a sense of all the great work they do.

Doodeling in a meeting. I love a good maths-doodle, it helps me :)

Tonight I'm in a mood. But I've got some more reading to do first..

A shipment I'm waiting for just got moved from the 29:th to the 25:th.. I should be exited, but now that I know it -can- move, I'm just hoping for sooner again 😂

I just added a markdown extension to my favourite note taking app. I'm so happy now

and a fourth time.. Came back without a hard reset this time.. But after a lot of tweaking and closing/opening the lid :/

Almost all of my data transfer is over network nowadays. It is 2019 after all. But being the friend of redundancy that I am I actually got, for the first time in years and years, a new USB stick today.

The weird kind that still accepts the old standard, we will laugh at this in a few years, but right now it's pretty sweet.

The screen on my computer gave out again. This is the third time in a week. Hard resets are no fun!

The graphic on my old was pretty worn out. And this thing is the best gadget I've ever gotten for another gadget. So I decided to paint it one of my favourite colours.. The same as my table!

Sadly didn't think to take any before pics :/

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