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Today I'm tech . And with a like this this I've got no issues. It is however 30°C in the shade here, not ideal for tech.

Some hot nature pics from this week. This looks kike it could be a fair bit from the city but it's actually smack center of town..

I can't wear nail polish to work ( ). But with four weeks off it's a given. It looks so pretty when it's all new. You can even see the reflection in it.

First day of vacation and I'm already late for breakfast. Happily so ;)

This is the wonderful summer evening we're having.

I don't know if I have any friends on here. But I stumbled across this adorable litle film.

I have no affiliation with this, except I watched it..

Today's . This also coincides with the summer solstice. It's not always is this reasonable.

I want an android on screen keyboard with arrow keys and a proper layout that still has emoji-support.

Where does this assumption come from that people who appreciate a good keyboard don't care about good emoji support. I'm swapping back and forth between Hacker's keyboard and Gboard every time I want to use emoji 😣

Having a day off this close to vacation feels a bit like a warmup.. Today will be a get-stuff-done-day. And so will pretty much the first week of vacation.

Finished the skirt, gonna wear it soonich. Gonna sleep now though 😴

Goodnight fedi!

Didn't finish the skirt in time. Maybe later tonight 🤷

There's a thing tomorrow. I wanna wear something red so I'm rushing finishing this skirt. I've made so many mistakes on this thing.. Hopefully none of them will show when I wear it. Pics tomorrow maybe 🤔🤷

I just bought train tickets for a trip this summer. Vacation planning is coming along nicely :)

Gosh 😮. are really expensive in the beginning of . But they taste so good. We bought some yesterday and had them as a side to breakfast today 👍🍓🍓

I enjoyed . Watching the infomercials and the ads.. But honestly I'm glad it's over.

I went in looking for info on a few specific games, and I got that 🤷

Having a late breakfast and planning today while listening to the thunder and rain out side..

Today is shaping up to be a great day 👍🙂⛈️

I woke up today at 5.30 thinking I was late for work at 6.30 but soon realised I start at 8 today 👍

Had a few minutes over, so I'm just chilling and getting some sun on me.

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