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In the kingdom of pomme: Two teams of seekers set out on a quest to win todays big games.

Today was my first day back at work after vacation. It was decent. I have tomorrow off 🤷

I actually took the extra seat off of my bike last night. Ebba can ride her own bike now and I will enjoy having mine back 🚲

This is todays . Made a hot pasta salad. Sweet and juicy is how it turned out.

Pasta, Pineapple, apple, chickpeas and beetroot. 🍴 👍

I spent the entire day yesterday at a themepark and all you get is this silly faced

Two hours passed.
Rain came.
I rode home in it.

Just as I wrote that last toot I heard thunder. I'll probably stay a little while longer and then ride home in the rain, when it comes 🙂

A thirty minute ride and a . One of the best things to do with a day off.. Also, I brought coffee.


I got a today. Well I got it on my birthday, but we put it together today. Came out super nice, so pretty.

When I got my first own router I named my wifi Mahatma, meaning great soul (according to wikipedia at the time).

I've changed apartments a couple of times, changed routers too but it always felt like the same network so I didn't change the SSID. Same network, same name, right..

This week I got a mesh router system and this can not be said to be the same network.

I have dubbed it Kalessin, after a great soul.

Those were some fun forty-ich minutes. I'm not gonna write an image description for every image, they're mostly the same. It's a wooden puzzle in different states of solve. First the smaller pieces came together to bigger pieces. Then the bigger pieces combined even more and when I began seeing really big pieces with a slight curve to their edge they all just kind of fell in the frame. Great birthday present.

took this apart a few hours ago, walked away to not remember where the pieces go. Gonna start a timer and see how far I get now.. the box says an hour or so..

I know in the pen community it's a thing to photograph your pens with . But honestly this is two days old. It feels great.

We're at the Swedish of natural history, taking a break and looking at the map. (and looking at some pancakes for Ebba)

Some of the exhibitions we've seen and some we're gonna see soon, some we're gonna see again. Big thumbs up from all participants.. 👍

Traveling is a whole bunch of fun. Today we've been to two different vegan spots and a pen store. Have had a great day.

We've also visited a dying relative, not as much "fun" but still a good day.

Guests are starting to arrive. is progressing according to plan. Expect images of baked goods soon.

Kid and I are having so much fun building levels for eachother. gonna have a lot of fun with this game.

First store we went to didn't have this. Can't figure why..

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