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analog/digital calendar (3/3)

I'm honestly not at all sure I could manage going back on paper. Digital has many advantages, but paper has some good ones too. I'm hoping to set it up over the weekend and at least try it out. Maybe I'll end up splitting and having work digital and private analog 🤷

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Analog/digital calendar (2/?)

Sometimes I look at my collection of calendars from when I used to be on paper and It's strange to think so many years will never be put in a box and saved. All of my life since even before Ebba was born is super well documented in picture and blog and social and so on. But I have no calendars from all of that time..

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Analog/digital calendar (1/?)

I'm pretty excited, but also a bit conflicted..

I got a paper calendar today and I haven't had one for quite a few years. Some say it's easier to remember appointments if you write them down and not just type them in. But I also like my phone knowing when I'm at work so it can enter do-not-disturb all on its own..

What a day I've had at work. I had my morning coffee at 3 in the afternoon. Now I just feel like ordering something and not cooking.

seems likely today 🍕

I ordered a really wide for my lamys last night. I'm looking forward to trying it out when it gets here next week.

I tried a 1.9 in store this summer and I've been seeing things I could have used it for since ✒️

Just bragging about my kid, mompost. 

I've spent the evening updating my website.. Not really fun, but I feel good now that it's done..

Has this become one of those things? like cleaning your windows.. Even a static page needs some work every once in a while..

Cutting this up to fit on my safaris instead of in them.

Also: I regret I forgot to tag my last toot..

I ran out of ink in two different pens yesterday. Time for some new colour inks. I wanted to share a video on this, but it turned out too big 🤷

The sweet cold fresh air of autumn. It will soon be warm again, but it is nice to have colder morning weather today 🌇🌡️⬇️

Tried ikeas new ovo-vego "kebab". It was a good experience until my kid spillled her drink all over me 🍴🥤

I'm not saying go to ikea. But if you do.. try it 😉

Look at this beautiful . Found it on my way from work today.

Yesterday had a feeling of autumn in the wind, and what a wind it was. Today is still pretty windy, but much more calm.

We just had a water fight, we're wet.

Some saturday shopping. We bought lots of reasonable food but the top of my bag really shows it's the weekend.

This is a warm and lovely day. I don't have any weekend plans. This will likely be a good afternoon 🙂🌞

This is my first magnetic cap pen and I can say so far I'm really liking it. This is also my first non lamy pen. It is very different. Not better or worse, but very different..

a small wound, on a hand. 

In news somewhat related to my last toot we had a birthday party today. It was fun and we spent some time afterwards playing with a bunch of new stuff 🙂🥳🥳🎂☕

google getting genders right for kids 

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