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I just had the weirdest dream. We were going by submarine across the Atlantic. We were going to push some button and then go back. The whole dream revolved around packing our bags and deciding what we needed to bring..

Turns out we didn't need shelves to decorate with but water bottles were recommended ..



Just got home from shopping, resting from a busy morning. Soon there'll be !

home improvement:

My desk has had power sockets attached to it since forever. But now I'm putting them on my kitchen table too. I bought a sugru equivalent and stuck them on there. Tomorrow I'll take of the clamps.

No more cables laying around on the floor 👍🔌

Trying to prepare for tomorrow. Instead I'm looking at stationery online and browsing the fediverse..

I had some trouble getting this. The store sent the wrong pen and I've been waiting all week now for this..

My new limited edition Lamy studio finally arrived, I've been waiting this since I first saw it early in the summer.

I've done a whole days worth of housework and it's only 9.30. What should I do with the rest of today, chill?

My table looks so fall cozy.

I just came home from a parade full of people and I didn't even get a photo.. I kind of wish I had gotten one.

oh, well.. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🤷‍♀️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

Just got this beautiful sunrise. The air has a decided tone of autumn to it..

went to see the exhibit at castle. I liked it 👍🌻

I think I look like I fit in well in this picture. But also kind of don't really look like myself..

We're clearly in the mobile age. Having started a new job I'm given a phone number and a phone. Told to figure out the rest and then asked to email a bunch of people.

I'll also get a laptop, hopefully some time next week..

This is what I brought for my first day at work. I ended up not using any of it..

watching old kids films.. With my kid 👍

For the last three and a half hours I've been "between jobs".

Only 36 hours left now..

today and tomorrow are my last days at my current job. I think it's customary to at least leave a card behind, this weeks project has been that.

Feels really strange..

I bought a set of straws last summer, or the summer before then (can't remember). They've been great. The almost full pack of single use straws we still had is still mostly full.

I do want to replace them some time, but they're still holding strong.

I went swimming today. I thought I had given up on that but it was fun 🏊‍♀️

I surprised Ebba when picking her up from school and asked her if she wanted to. She was not hard to convince.

Got home late after a meeting tonight. Was super interesting, and a bit late. 😴

Nothing is like the wait you wait when you're waiting for an order to ship..

After pen cleaning it was water fight time. It's really warm today so a little water felt nice

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